Sunday, July 10, 2022

Doing Things With Thought

Hello Home Dwellers,

I hope you have yourself prepared, your list written and your serious cup of tea ready while I tell you some of my thoughts of home life.

In this broadcast I talked about the following:
-Sewing Ideas

-Doing things a little more thoughtfully and slowly, and noticing the effect it has on you.  In institutions, people are taught to do the work, but little personal spiritual thought is put into it. If you are new to homemaking, it will seem like it is just a lot of work, but if you do things thoughtfully, you bring out the meaning and purpose of it all.

-It was a poor reflection on the family and the homemaker when a home was neglected. It was supposed that a neglected house and home and family would result in poor health, unsettled minds and unhappiness.  

-When the world "settles down", remember the pleasant things you did at home that gave you a sense of well-being. Remember the habits you formed: the walks before breakfast, fresh food and meal preparation, writing letters to a loved one, singing, dressing well, and watching the dappled sun on the floor.

-While waiting for an opportunity to get into a different location that might be more adequate for your family, treat your current situation as though you were already there, so that good habits will be picked up easily in the next place.
-Be particular about the demands on your time that require you to be away from home.

I read from the weather book about how atmospheric weather conditions affect the mood.

I read about being careful to retreat for quiet time.

-Be gentle with the ones you know who speak error or live carelessly. They often are so caught up in an influence that they hardly know what they are doing.  

In my previous broadcast I talked about the "escapism" label sometimes leveled at people who choose to be home full time,  like to write stories or read old books, use a nice tea cup or attend a historical things.  Here are the witty quotes from old books that might be amusing to speak when you can fit them to the particular reproach,  from the book "Wives and Daughters" written in 1864.

"There, there. You can make everything right in the morning."
"I went into the surgery and I looked it up. I don't think I did anything wrong by doing that."
"How shall you bear it?"
"It's rather like tooth-drawing I suppose. The pain goes away eventually."
"I never managed it, but you might."
From Pride and Prejudice when Lizzie was asked about the family's terrible sorrow over her sister's unadvisable decision: "We are enduring it as best we can."

Please enjoy your home while you listen today:


Janet W. said...

I find when I say I’m not going to think of some thing, that is what I focus on. Have found some positive thing to think on, is where I focus on the most. example: The love of Jesus. Before I know it, I’m thinking of how, why, when, where, etc.

At my age slow is the only way to get things done😆

Flossy said...
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Janine said...

Thanks for the tip about Wives and Daughters being on Librovox!

My favorite movie is The Ghost and Mrs Muir, and in it someone says she is being obstinate. She replies, "Thank you, I've always wanted to be considered obstinate." So that is my go to retort.

You have inspired me to go through all of my clothes and take in the sides and waist just by hand sewing; it's giving my store-bought clothes a tailored look. I'm astounded at the difference! I don't sew well in a straight, beautiful line, but it's good enough and makes a positive difference.

Christal said...

Such a beautiful video, live wives and daughters, thank you Lydia for the lovely time you spend with us🤗🌺🌸

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
I was listening to one of your older posts today and you mentioned your mother's family was from Nova Scotia and prince Edward island. I thought that this was very interesting! My great great grandfather on my dad's side was from prince Edward island I have looked at some videos from there and it's a very pretty country! My family name was Acadian french and they were persecuted by the English from the 1600s or so until about 1820 or so. That was when they were finally able to settle down! I really enjoy listening to your program it's very peaceful!

God bless you for all the encouragement you give us all!

Your friend in Christ Jesus
Lisa Rideout

Lydia said...

I listened and cleaned my kitchen and was so inspired! The idea about
being a volunteer is very inspiring for me (in my own home!) It gives
the feeling of doing work a nice elegance, and a free and not burdened
feeling - really inspiring!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Once again you were in the kitchen with me today. Thank you for helping me make dinner and do dishes!