Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Listen While Resting or Working

Hello Dear Ones,

I can't express well enough how honored I am that you come to visit

I have been working outside. I had this  this wrought iron beauty gathering cobwebs in an old shed,  and painted it to match the window sills. It makes the block house appear a bit more cottagey. 

The little path you see at the edge of the field is where I walk, just beyond the clothes line.

Today I read pieces from these books:
Cottage Core
Eric Sloane's Weather Book
The Jane Austen Diet
Wives and Daughters

I also shared the herb "oregano" and explained some of the virtues attributed to it; it is anti-fungal and cancer-fighting, among many culinary uses. Please do your homework and look up the benefits of oregano.
For those of you students who are skipping the lecture and just want to scroll ahead to the "people" part, it begins at approximately 41 minutes.  Please note that this is only based on my own observations and personal experience. Everyone is different and everyone has to be their own social scientist.

Please enjoy your home while you listen to the broadcast, and if you have time,  leave a comment, and let me know what you found interesting or education or enjoyable.


stephanie said...

Lydia, each year you look younger and prettier. Thank you for taking the time to make Home Living videos.

Marianne said...

Lydia, what a treat to have these two videos you recently posted. They were both lovely and relaxing to listen to as i busied myself with morning chores.
This morning right early i went out into my backyard (in a nightie and robe), barefoot in the coolish grass( it's hot in Alabama!) and picked some lemon balm, rosemary, and vinca to put in a couple of little vases to brighten my day... then i turned on your video and you spoke about doing that very thing. I am really enjoying your reading Wives and Daughters, one of my favorite mini series ever.
God bless you , and have a great day!

Christal said...

Ms. Lydia you are so precious, I love so much your videos. I enjoy all your content and I love seeing your beautiful dresses, the one today is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos they are so joyful and uplifting ❤️🌸🌺

Janine said...

When I wrote my book, How to Thrive on One Income, I included all of the disclosures I could find! Since I'm not an accountant, just a lowly homemaker who managed to get us debt free while taking care of baby, and later homeschooling. I'm sure many women could write a similar book - I decided to do it to have more positive, Christian examples out there. But you never know if an unscrupulous person would try to blame an author for their own mistakes.

Re homeschooling, one way I get so much done is that we don't begin until 10:30 where I read/teach. During lunch prep, he then reads to me. While eating, we listen to a book or watch a science video. Then later we trade off reading in different rooms of the house. I can fold laundry while he reads, etc.

I hope you do the playhouse! I've only got 2 more yrs of homeschooling left, and I'm doing what you are with the books - just reading the ones we missed myself.

Michell Hendrick said...

Hello Lydia and ladies! I look forward to my homeschooling lessons and the beautiful photos on the blog! My summer as been stressful. My stepdad passed and I spent two weeks with my mom in Oregon. I was busy with cleaning and organizing. It took a while to get things together when back home, and I then had kidney stones and was very ill for a week. I took the summer off from my volunteer work and have been taking care of myself and home. I will be driving back to Oregon and Nevada (to see an old girlfriend for a couple days) next weekend for another couple weeks. I am grateful I am a homemaker and have the time to help with family and this community is wonderful and affirming! I still receive comments on "what do you DO all day?" "Don't you need the money?" "Don't you miss working for your own money?" Oh boy.
And Janine... I read your book! Wonderful and full of information.
Blessing to all,