Friday, July 22, 2022

Reading to You, and More, While You Work

Today I mainly continued some of the thoughts from the previous post:
~The affect of weather in home life
-Outside in the morning
-Collecting natural things for indoors
-Chapter 7 from Wives and Daughters
-For young ladies--learning to be young
~ For older women--serious minded and alert

This picture below is for the lady who graciously sent me a gift certificate to Home Goods. These are some of the things I bought. I wore one of the aprons during the broadcast. Thank you! I had already begun using some of the kitchen things I got, so they are not shown here right now. 

Please enjoy your time at home while you listen to today's broadcast:


Chrissy T said...

How lovely!!!!

mystical heart said...

Thank you so much Miss Lydia for all of these videos. They encourage me to keep learning about God's amazing world. I like what you said about dressing for the home; i appreciate all of the reminders. God Bless you and your husband (isabella:-)

Mrs Bain said...

What a delight to work on the newsletter while enjoying your company. Thank you for sharing and homeschooling us.

1889wife said...

Good morning, Lady Lydia. I don't get to your blog often, but I listen to your YouTube homemaker radio several times per week. I wanted to thank you for your work. It really helps me focus on my calling of being a wife, mother, homemaker. Have a blessed day.

Janine said...

Very creative ideas! Thank you!

Christal said...

Love seeing your teacups🤗❤️