Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hope to Be With You Soon

Your visits here are appreciated more than you know. I try to talk about things that will reinforce home living and give homemakers confidence and enthusiasm for all the home really is. 

I am so looking forward to talking to you  again soon. It has been very busy at The Manse and hard to find a quiet spot but it will be forthcoming.

It looks like I am back to avocado green, a color I thought I never wanted in my home again. The 1970’s was so inundated with it, from walls to carpet and appliances, and often there were no other choices. But now after pairing some of the furnishings with white, it is more tolerable. 

So Glad You’re Here. Miss Lillian wasted no time sewing a dress with cotton fabric and trim I bought at Hobby Lobby. She sews without patterns by using squares and circles of fabric. The blue hat is from Mail order company: Mountain Warehouse in England. 

The children have created a florist shop using the wilds  and my jar and vase collection .

I have given my porch ruins a fresh look by painting the furniture mint green.

When I return with a broadcast, these are the things I want to present:

Reading a Homemade Magazine 
Creating Useful Habits Even When You are Alone
Guest Ideas
How to make beeswax perfume 
Mr. Gibson’s announcement to his daughter
Weather: dew point 


Marianne said...

Ah, avocado green . You are right the 70's were full of it; I had a green washer and dryer for years> But the bedroom looks lovely and fresh - the green with the bright clean white is quite nice and restful. good work!
I checked your blog this morning on our desktop computer and saw this post; however, like other people I am subscribed but not receiving notice in my email.
Marianne in Alabama
and finally a rainy day!

Lydia said...

I’m looking into that today.