Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Overcoming the Doubters


In today's broadcast I discussed a few things that might help to overcome things that plant doubt in your ability and success as a homemaker. I encourage you to  draw your own conclusions by  observing this kind of thing many times.

This is from the pattern I bought last year and is still available in stores and online
Usually I attach sleeves cut from other patterns but the pattern sleeve here works well. 
This is the pattern I used here:

If you are going to use this pattern, you can always leave out one set of tucks if the dress is too snug, or sew them more narrow, depending on what you need.

The new Victoria is centered on historical Scotland and includes some recipes that some of us tried and found to be delicious. If I had only one resource and was expected to use it to homeschool you, I could get all I needed from this issue.

Please enjoy your work, your walk or your rest while you listen to this episode .


Flossy said...

Hi Lydia... I so appreciated your vlog today as I'm home resting and trying to get over a head cold. I was wondering if Mr S would like to join again - I would love to hear about his life leading up to being a Pastor & his experiences being one - people's lives always fascinate me!! Also... I couldn't find a link to your blog page on YT.... love from sunny Brisbane! xx

Christal said...

Lydia I would love to learn how to make a dress like that. The dresses you wear are so gorgeous, I'm all about the roses and florals. I just now learned how to make modest long skirts and I found so much joy in sewing. Could you show again the pattern for this dress? I hope you have a blessed week, I love your videos and blog.

Lydia said...

Flossy, congratulations for first comment. You have an advantage because at the end of the day when I publish, it is the beginning of the day in Brisbane. On YouTube the blog link is there somewhere.

Lydia said...

I added the pattern picture, as well as ordering an extra pattern. Also if you like a patttern and it begins to wear out, you can preserve it by ironing on to interfacing or cut it out on fabric and put all the markings on the fabric with a pen that doesn’t wash out and use that as your pattern.

Christal said...

Thank you very much🤗❤️

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this lovely talk, Lydia. I listened to it while I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (and sampled them too, haha), and while I got started with a batch of blueberry jam. I went blueberry picking with my children last week and I have a lot of berries to preserve. I do freeze a few for pancakes and muffins also, but I love blueberry jam as a topping for oatmeal, so I always make two or three batches of jam every summer.

We also just picked all the fruit from our peach tree today, so perhaps tomorrow I'll listen to one of your older talks while I peel and can peaches. Last year my canned peaches turned mushy, so I'm hoping for better luck this time. :)

Rachel said...

Dear lady Lydia,
It´s great news when I see there´s a video of yours to watch and listen to, and I reward myself with it after I finish my tasks and sit with a cup of tea, quietly and happily, to be renewed and inspired. I like it this way because in the kitchen there´s usually too much noise and I don´t want to miss anything you say.

Just in case you run out of ideas for your talks, I´ve always wondered about a topic you haven´t touched up to now, and it´s how you organize your kitchen and cooking. It´s been said that the kitchen is the headquarter of the home, the heart where the homemaker thinks, and plans, and works for her family comfort and wellbeing.

So, let me make some humble suggestions I´m sure more ladies would like to listen to: Do you plan your meals and shopping weekly? What do you bear in mind when you plan? What kind of dishes are your favorites or your emergency recipes if an unexpected guest arrives? Are you known by some delicious recipes you usually prepare when you invite ladies for tea? Do you have a cooking / baking day or do you distribute your work along the week? Can you tell us about some pieces of wisdom that you learned from your mother, or grandmother, and are useful now and always? Are Sundays special at your dinner table? Do you still have early dinners, as in Austen times, to help keep fit and healthy?
It would be quite an inspiration to be homeschooled by you on these things, as if we were your daughters �� God bless you!

Lydia said...

Rachel, Well thought out and extensive list there—good content for future broadcasts.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Listening to this broadcast kept me motivated as I transitioned from daughter’s wedding to saying goodbye to the last of the extended family staying with us. I have a lot of catching up to do around here; homemaker radio helped me get back on track.

Something that stood out to me in this talk was the admonition to pray more earnestly for our families. Yes, you are correct in saying no one will pray for our family like we do as mothers. They should be our first mission field.😊

I am enjoying the sunshine outside today. Hope you are as well. 🌞