Wednesday, August 03, 2022


Thank you, Readers, Listeners, Commenters and Subscribers, for your visits. They are a great motivation for me. 
I hope in the next broadcast to address a couple of questions I never get around to. I haven’t forgotten those of you who have emailed me with those sticky subjects. 

Just to get in some needed calmness I have hand stitched a decorative cushion. I hope to tell tell you “how to”.
I have not spoken to you for 6 days and I always regret that I don’t get here more often. I am also trying to save my vital vocal chords so that I can speak more clearly. I hope to broadcast after I get ready for the day, so maybe you will see it soon. 

One of my sons lives in Texas on a farm with his family and he sent me these photos. In some ways it looks much the same as here in Oregon.

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Nadege said...

That dress is so pretty and fits beautifully. Always look forward to your video - thank you!