Sunday, September 11, 2022

Preparing for Home Life

Today I read a chapter from Winsome Womanhood (c. 1900) about preparing for a home of your own. Although written to young ladies, this is good for any stage of life. 

Please enjoy life at home while you listen to the broadcast:



Godly Homemaker (Andrea) said...

Hi, Mrs Sherman - a question for you (yes I’m one of your YouTube subs) - my house is a mess, my life is a mess - how do I start over (yes i know the Lord)?

Flossy said...

You look so pretty today Lydia - your dress is gorgeous - specially the scalloped neckline... I love it!! I so wish I had inherited the sewing genes..... my sister got them all - she can whip up anything!! xx

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Always a delight to see another homemaker radio posted. I know the day goes better when I can listen to you while I work. I enjoyed the readings from today, and the good advice about not feeling forced to leave our homes to pursue a better ministry out there. I thought I was getting too vital for others to use peer pressure tactics to get me to do something I really didn’t want to do. But no, people still try to persuade you to leave your home for something better. I prefer to stay put and practice hospitality to others right where God has placed me. I love the days when I am hosting ladies and little girls for tea and muffins. One on one hosting of ladies is so very special.😊Thank you for sharing your time and this message.


Lydia said...

Andrea, Flossy, Holly, Thank you for visiting!

Miriam said...

As soon as I heard you mentioning 'knowledge of fabrics' I felt to urge to tell what happened to my daughter when she was 5. It was summer and we were having afternoon tea outside. She was wearing some kind of tracksuit made of poly-something. Suddenly she overbalanced (as children many times do) and hit the edge of the tea cup and the tea flew on her tigh. The tea was hot of course but not boiling anymore. It made a huge hole on the fabric and burnt the skin of her thigh, which of course needed a visit to the doctor's and took several weeks to heal. Thank you for mentioning that there are different kinds of fabric!

Lydia said...

Miriam those synthetic fabric are unnatural and dangerous to the skin and your personal experience and observations prove it. When that fabric was first invented and sold, it had a warning on it (not that it was flammable but that it would melt) and in the baby clothes. They should not be used in bedding or sleep wear. Very little warning is out there . Yet all exercise and swim clothing is made of the acrylic, nylon and other petroleum based fabrics. I liked Carter’s baby clothing because it was cotton. I don’t know if it still is. The fact the tea melted it is proof of the fabric being unsafe to wear. I am not even sure how safe camping equipment is but sports and camping equipment are made of it.