Wednesday, September 14, 2022

For Youth at Home: From Various Books

Today I spoke of several things regarding youth at home:
The importance of choosing reading material of good influence,
Having a cheerful disposition,
Wives and Daughters

Please enjoy your home while you listen:



Michell Hendrick said...

I have been in the semi-truck with my husband these past few weeks and am delighted that I have so many videos to catch up on! I was in Oregon at one point, and said a prayer and gave a wave as we drove by on I-5. It was so smokey when were we there, but is was a wonderful "trip". Now I must get busy with all things fall and I have lots to listen to as I work. Blessings.

Lydia said...

Michell, thank you! That must have been quite a wonderful trip.

Christine said...

Just letting you know, I'm listening while working!
Thank you for the company! ❤

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,
I have been slowly catching up on your blog posts as summer draws to a close. I really appreciate two points that you have made: that we should strive to better or improve our situation, no matter what is happening in the world; and that a huge benefit to being "keepers of the home" is that we are able to make our own schedule and routine. I was in the workplace for a number of years and it is so refreshing to be at home and decide what to do and when to do it! :) This suits our family much better.

I pray that you are doing well and I'm thankful for your continued encouragement through your blog.

In Christ,

Christal said...

I enjoyed this so much, I finished my supper dishes, made sweet tea for my husband and took a break as you suggested to do a little bit of crochet, I'm making a couple cute pumpkins for fall decor. Thanks so much for these lovely videos, I loved hearing the part read about the Bible.

Michele said...

Hello Lydia,
I haven't commented for a while but I just wanted to let you know how much I am blessed by you and Homemakers Radio. I love all of the topics and books that you read to us. So many times you express my sentiments exactly. I am always listening when I am making the bed, doing dishes and laundry. I have enjoyed all of your videos and go back and listen to some. I love how you and your daughter keep each other accountable. I do the same with my daughter who is a wife and mom of 2 boys.I had the privilege of homeschooling her. We read Beautiful Girlhood and several other books like that together and she read Fascinating Girl on her own. She thought that it helped her a lot with presenting herself in a godly way and how to be a feminine young lady. Praying that you and your family are doing well. Thank you for all that you do for us!


Christal said...

Lydia I wanted to share with you I found a YouTube channel called growwithjo, she does really nice easy workouts, stretching etc., And puts scripture in it, it's lovely.

Lydia said...

Thank you so much! I’ll try these. And it’s good there is someone doing this. Sometimes the music on exercise videos is hard on my brain