Sunday, September 25, 2022

Positive Homekeeping

Hello, and Welcome.

On my "Regency Walk" (a title I use until I can think of my own creative words),
I recorded these delicious scenes especially for your edification today.

A few weeks ago I read in Eric Sloane's Weather Book a suggestion that the sunrise was every bit as brilliant as the sunset, so here is my first glimpse of it:

This fruit would be found in "hedgerows" in England,
but here, I think it is fence rows--not as poetic sounding, for sure.

We are enjoying these offerings and consider them part of our morning walks, a pre-breakfast of sorts.

Some parts of The Manse are neat and tidy today. I won't show you the non-neat areas.

Please enjoy resting, walking, working or whatever you like, while you 
listen to the broadcast.



Vintagebeliever said...

You were talking about games. I realized as a young mother, the games, whether I enjoyed them or not, weren't for me, they were time with my children, who did enjoy them. 😊
I like the idea of having one person over at a time, for tea and talk.

Lydia said...

That’s true. Children love games and some days can become long and tedious when you are young; games can be lovely times

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hi Lydia, I just loved this so much I took notes! First I loved your suggestion of putting "Prep" first on my to-do list. To get ready before the day gets rolling. I have a morning habit of, after my prayer time, I put on some yoga pants and a t-shirt...cook breakfast and then do my exercise. My hang up is to not make that phone call or start a project or get online until I am dressed in a pretty outfit that I feel happy in. Today, I put a pink flower in my hair that matched my shirt. That was fun!
You mentioned you remembered wall washing as a child. When I lived in Ohio I was told you washed the walls in the Spring because of the soot from fireplace or coal burning heaters. Today many folks still wash walls there, I never did.
And your emphasis on doing our work slowly. You have spoke on this in the past, I think before your radio show, and it always speaks to me. I did it, as you were talking and you know what? I got more done and wasn't exhausted after. Thank you!
Lastly you spoke of finishing touches. I like to decorate for Autumn but I don't go all out now that the kids are grown and gone and we live in the country. I do love to do small little things. So after your talk I put a tiny little pumpkin that is smiling at the base of our door that has a fall wreath, and I used fun fall fabric to cover my "seasonal table" (from Mrs. Sharps Traditions) and put an arrangement of artificial seasonal flowers and a tiny scarecrow in them. It makes it look a bit more festive.
I loved how you have a few things around your home that complment your dress today. Very lovely. Blessings to you and thank you for the show, Dee

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a lovely walk - between the sunrise and the fresh fruit right off the tree and vines.