Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Reading Various Things; Listen While You Work.

The subjects today were:

A chapter from Winsome Womanhood by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster (1900)
Part of a chapter from Wives and Daughters 
An article about the duties of a lady's maid, from Jane Austen's World
A warning about cornering people.

A poem I recited:

Be careful of the words you say,
Keep them soft and sweet.
You never know from day to day
Which ones you'll have to eat.

I also spoke of the sticky situation of being “ cornered”.

One space at The Manse not in chaos:

Father and Daughter “talking about things of great doctrinal importance”—(Mary Bennett in Pride and Prejudice).
              Do they know they are in a painting?

           Please enjoy what you are doing at home while you listen to the broadcast today:


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I enjoyed listening to your broadcast from the manse today. I was ironing clothes and getting myself ready for the day as you spoke. The cornerist ideas were interesting. I wonder how it works when the cornerist calls you on the phone and says they’ll only keep you for a minute…. lol. An hour or so later, you find yourself making suggestions that you need to go, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.😐

I liked the readings and really cater to the old Elizabethan language. I daily read from the KJB, so the word, “untoward” was familiar to me. 🙂

Thank you for your love towards us, and for reminding us to keep ourselves in the love of God.✝️


Lydia said...

Oh I had not remembered that— even walking away from their incessant talk does not deter the corner it’s. Saying you must end the conversation or saying you must leave now— they ignore it and hold you captive.

Rebecca said...

I loved your broadcast today, Mrs. Sherman! I had my daughter come and listen to the part of a daughter in the home. I think that fits her and I wanted her to be encouraged! I got a lot done during your talk. I had a room to clean thoroughly and now it shines!
Thank you for your gentle teaching and advice. Always greatly appreciated and blesses your hearers.

Janine said...

Love the father and daughter picture, and her dress, esp the lace. Fascinating Womanhood is a very helpful book. I gave my 18 yo niece Fascinating Girl. I hope she reads it. I just bought an original Winsome Woman for $8 in pristine condition. I'm looking forward to perusing it.

Lydia said...

Like all books, it has its flaws , but it’s good to glean from it whatever you can use.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this enjoyable talk. I listened while I got a batch of bread dough started, made some potato salad, had a tea break (with a homemade toffee square), and folded a load of laundry.

I really have been enjoying all the readings from Wives and Daughters. I didn't know when it was written either, so I looked it up, and apparently it was originally serialized in a magazine from August 1864 to January 1866. Sadly. Mrs. Gaskell died before the story was complete; so someone named Frederick Greenwood wrote the ending.