Friday, November 25, 2022

Homemaking Business

Greetings Homemakers and those who would like to be!

Today I spoke a little about authors of current times who write novels in the Jane Austen style, based in the Regency era,  and post their audiobooks online.   One of them I mentioned was Letters for Phoebe.  I enjoy listening to stories while I am doing big jobs in the home by myself. The labor of cleaning a kitchen is hardly noticed while listening to one of these books.

I read a page from The Jane Austen Diet by Bryan Koslowski.

I also want to include some new moves I am making in the fitness area, with easy moves and poses for posture HERE. These are not videos, but step by step instructions easy to follow.
On this site, all you need to do is write in their search area: "Stretches/Poses for (back ache, digestion, belly fat, weight loss, sinus, nausea, numbness, anxiety--and much more.) It is possible to find one stretch that improves your health more than 30 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Another subject I covered was the definition of "minding your own business"---that it means focus on your own work. The homemaker's work is the work that manages the home and family, guides and guards it.
Please enjoy your work at home while you listen to the broadcast today. 


Janet W. said...

Years ago I considered starting a tea business. To prepare I took a correspondence course to teach me about tea and worked at a tea room to see if I liked that end of the business. From the classes I learned that basically black tea and green tea came from the same Camellia Sinensis plant which is the tea plant. The difference between black tea and green tea is the way the leaves are processed. Green tea is just picked sometimes cut or torn, bruised and fired (dried).
Black tea is picked, cut or torn, bruised, then fermented for a short time and then fired (dried). This is where black tea gets its delicious flavor. Green tea is mostly exported from China and Japan although no exclusively. Black tea is mostly exported by India although not exclusively.
I never started my tea room business, however the classes were beneficial and I learned a lot about tea.
Janet Westrup

Lydia said...

Janet thank you so much. I knew it was all the same leaf dried in different lengths of time. I used to see white tea in shops but now it’s not there. Is it just a little less oxidized than green tea?

Janine said...

You are right, Lydia, about listening for 20 minutes and coming back to finish later. Happens to me all the time when I'm listening to your videos! In fact, you said that at the 20 min mark and I was interrupted, and then again at 30 min and again at 45...

Lydia said...

That’s phenomenal. Mr. S., a preacher, says people tun out after 20 minutes so he limits his sermons to 20 minutes. As Edward Ferrars said, “ all I want is to be in the country, keep chickens and preach very short sermons.”