Saturday, November 26, 2022

Reducing Anxiety at Home

Greetings and Welcome.

Today spent a little time talking about two ways (there are many more) to reduce anxiety at home; one being a way of breathing, and another being reducing other obligations not directly related to your family and house.

I also read from the book by Elizabeth Prentiss called "Stepping Heavenward" about a 16 year old girl who was trying to do better in her life.

The article I read is HERE and I suggested with any exercise that had step by step instructions, you have someone read it to you while you do it. 

There are some anti-anxiety poses HERE and stretches HERE.

In past times, ladies at home prevented anxiety by taking time to:
Going for a leisurely stroll
Washing their hair
and many other things.

Some "stealth sipping" here today by a tree with purples leaves.


Please enjoy being home and getting some things done while you listen to the broadcast today:

I am sorry, I do not know the name or artist of the lovely 1800's painting at the top.


Homestead Tessie said...

Dear Lydia you have never heard from me before but I want you to know that every single day I watch your videos I've gone back and watched the very first ones you have literally helped change my life just recently on my YouTube channel I shared about how you have brought so much peace into my life and I shared with people your channel. We are living in dark days and we will be extremely persecuted but please keep doing what you are doing, you are reaching people that you have no idea that you are reaching. I have a lot to say to you and how you have changed my perspective on life and how you have encouraged me to keep going even when times are bad and people can be cruel. You remind me so much of my childhood how I grew up and I am so deeply grateful that the Lord brought you into my life much love homestead Tessie

Lydia said...

Miss Tessie reading this I found some liquid pouring from my vital eyes. Thank you kind lady.

Lydia said...

Your channel is nice too. I haven’t had time or inclination to develop my channel. Videos are parked there to make it easier for me to embed them here.

Unknown said...

I was reading sense and sensibility but I got a hankering to read the little house on the prairie series I'm almost through with the second book!

gracielynn's said...

Thank you again for a thought-provoking video.

I have dealt with anxiety after my Hyster. many years ago. At first the dr asked me if I prayed. which I was happy to answer & SO glad he felt that was worthy to consider.
after being on meds for a yr. or less I searched for natural ways to heal my issues.
well turns out I needed all the B vitamins! it was life changing. SO thankful the Lord provides.

speaking of stores being rude! UGH! I was so mad two days ago when we left the Dollar General.
HUGE carts of product in EVERY aisle, you could barely move your cart around.
Aisle after aisle! then to get up to the check-out counter, what a mess & the poor clerk barely had room to work.
On the way home I said that really makes me mad. The owners of these stores figure we can be treated like rudely cuz we want to save a few dollars! Awful.
They keep only ONE employee on shift & she is expected to run the register AND unpack the aisle.
anyway, that's my rant on rude stores.

May you be blessed today:-)

Lydia said...

I love listening to you! It’s so refreshing and reassuring to hear your words of stability and encouragement. You always look so lovely too. That’s a ministry in and of itself! Thank you for making these videos and sharing!

Homemaker's Heart said...

Today's broadcast was so full of insights that I had to take notes! I was able to get my kitchen tidied up and get a Turkey Stew started (using leftover Turkey).

Here's a few things that stood out to me, I hope you don't mind I share:

I got dressing today in a lovely pink cashmere sweater I found at a thrift shop! It made the whole day lovely with the wind blowing and snow blowing. The bright pink was so nice and refreshing, I thought of you and how you have always shared about dressing with the weather or how you want to feel today.

Going out - I just heard yesterday, that a friends grandma didnt go out except for an occassional gathering or church. Grandpa would pick up the few things she needed from the market. This kept her time free to focus on the home and making sure she didn't get over tired,

I was reminded, when you spoke of keeping an eye on the clouds so you know the weather, of many of my days being focused on the sun and how it changes in the sky. I open blinds at one end of the house and close at the other, then vice versa as the sun shifts. It helps keep the house cool, but definelty keeps me aware of the time of day.

Lastly, Lemon Balm. Oh one of my favorites for before bed. Since perimenopause and now post menopause, this helps so much for me with sleep and relaxing before bed. I sleep so much better after sitting in for a quiet time drinking this tea.

Thank you so much for today's broad cast. I am so grateful for you. I know your housework keeps you busy, as well as tending to Mr.S's needs as things come up, but your dedication to all of us homemakers is such a blessing.

I like to turn on the "radio" each Monday when I clean, if I don't get to it I listen while I make dinner.

Hugs to you and a lovely cup of lemon balm tea,

PS Lemon balm "may" have anti-viral properties too.

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed this video - thank you. I always appreciate it when you talk about how to reduce anxiety. Anxiety is something I've had a problem with my entire life, but I'm always trying to do better, be calm and trust in the Lord. I like what you said about giving up the idea of perfection and pretending you were in a log cabin and couldn't get to the store to buy matching thread. Giving up perfection is one area in particular that I think it would be helpful for me to work on. People in the modern era, driven by the perfect images we see on the Internet, have too-high standards of perfection for every area of life, I do believe. It's better to be content with what we have and what we can do with what we have. I think people in older generations tended to me content with less, because they weren't taking photos of their homes, their meals, their artwork, or themselves, to post on the Internet for other people's approval (or disapproval).