Monday, August 21, 2023

Happiness at Home, Homeschool Prep, And I Don't Know What Else

Greetings ladies!

I hope you are all doing the best you can at home today.

In this video I read about the subject of happiness from several books, 
and also discussed ways to get ready for homeschooling. 

Dress fabric:  Brother-Sister Designs from Hobby Lobby
Teacup: Brewed to a Tea (BTAT)

Please enjoy some of the things you need to do while you listen:

I see YouTube has put ads on my videos. If you watch on the blog, the videos might not have ads. I’m working on uploading videos straight from my own computer and not having a host like YouTube.


Lydia said...

Hi Lydia Ruth,

I just listened to your latest video on YouTube last night, and I am happy to report that no ads interfered with the broadcast!🙂I thoroughly enjoyed the talk… kept me engaged in my housework later in the day. You see, I have a garden to contend with, and yesterday evening I harvested all the onions, 2 huge flats of tomatoes, and several cucumbers and bell peppers. I bet you can guess what I will be doing for the next few days, eh?😏

The homeschooling chat took me down memory lane. I simply didn’t want it to be over, just like you! There was so much more that I wanted to do with my children. I kept a lot of my curriculum and resources for my kids to recycle and reuse again for their children. Plus, I just didn’t have the courage to get rid of it. My library shelves are full!

I hosted a tea party for several little girls from the ages of 4-8 last week, and I used Emilie Barnes’s book about teaching manners to little princesses 👸 They loved it! And again, I am glad I had it in my own personal library.

You had so many wonderful suggestions and advice for the homeschooling family. I thought the idea of going shopping and running errands with the children on Mondays was brilliant. In our area, we were the “pioneers”when it came to homeschooling. So many people considered us an oddity, and I was uncomfortable being seen with my children in public places when the school district was in session. I guess I was afraid of truancy charges or CPS coming out to check on me! After all, I didn’t have a teaching certification!😉A lot has changed since then. The homeschooling movement has really grown around here, and I feel somewhat proud that I was a forerunner in starting things up a bit.☺️

Well, this day will be full, but I will begin with prayer, Bible study, a few stretches, and getting myself presentable. We never can tell what an entire day will bring forth, right?! Now, however, I have learned to be ready! Thanks, Lydia, for your encouragement and instruction in all these areas. It truly makes a day run smoothly.

❤️Holly Elizabeth

Lydia said...

So enjoying your broadcasts and very glad you’re back! Blessings to you and thank you for making your videos!

Lydia said...

Ladies your double names are so pretty.

Hanah said...

I love all of the beautiful turquoise-themed pictures! My husband and I grew up in this new era where it's "brave" and takes "strength" to ask for help. But it's just not in either of our personalities to do so. We've been suspected of being inauthentic or insincere for it. When we got married, we did it at the courthouse because we couldn't afford a wedding and our church at the time required a paid pre-marital class before they would marry anyone. People accused us of trying to hide our marriage and pressed us for answers to why we didn't have a wedding. It is laughable now, but was uncomfortable and disheartening at the time. We've also been homeless twice so far in our marriage, but stayed in hotels or airbnbs until we could transition to our next permanent residence. When family found out later, they wondered why we didn't just stay with them. But we would quite literally rather be homeless than ask for their assistance. Maybe that's taking it too far, but that's us. LOL

Lydia said...

That mindset was amazing. It was as not just made of personal dignity and privacy , but also a reticence to putting any expense, effort, worry or inconvenience on others. They didn’t want to be “beholden” to anyone or owe anything. It kept them free.

Hanah said...

Yes! It is a wonderful mindset. And an added bonus is that it has strengthened my faith. Since running to a person or government assistance for help isn't a desirable option, I've learned to just trust the Lord. Often times He's the only one outside of my husband who knows what's going on and who can help. And of course, He's always come through. I think having that history with Him makes future scary situations not so scary and makes trusting God second nature. I'm learning to do well and not be afraid with any amazement. 1 Peter 3:6

Christal said...

Such a sweet treasure to see you and hear your broadcasts, I folded quite a bit of laundry, made carrot ginger soup and home made bread. Thank you for keeping me company.

Brookelou said...

I have never commented but want you to know how much I truly appreciate your videos. They are insightful, positive, and I haven't found anything close to what you bring. When I feel discouraged I listen to one I f your videos and next thing I know I'm up and cleaning my home! God bless you and your family!