Monday, December 04, 2023

Occupied At the Manse

Hello Ladies,

It is supposed to be winter here but we have very mild weather with gentle rain and warmish wind and plenty of flowers. 

In Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, an old saying used by Mr. Gibson when telling his daughter to shop for whatever she needed and spare no expense, was “I do it to keep you quiet.”  If you are of a “ vital” age, you might remember when people used that saying! It made us laugh. 

Since I do not have a video ready to publish for you, here is a post to keep you quiet. 

I wanted to show the wrought iron pieces I’ve placed around the block house to give it a more cottage look. They are from Hobby Lobby, originally black, spray painted mint green or what is sometimes called sage green or sea foam green. 

I am still stealth-sipping and it is now fog season. 
I always thought when I got older (vital) I could finally do whatever I liked. However there are now descendants that want me to be cautious. So I’m not permitted to stealth camp— but it’s okay if I watch stealth camping videos— and I’m learning how to substitute more safe adventures within a few feet of The Manse. Taking tea in unusual places is my substitute. That way, I won’t get lost 😊

I hope you are doing well in your present circumstances and have great plans for improvement.

Hopefully I’ll have something here for you to listen to (or fall asleep by) soon. 

Lydia Ruth



Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Hello Lydia Ruth,
What a beautiful name! I don't wonder that you enjoy using it. I like the way you used the iron accents and spray painted them. They do dress the manse up nicely. I love how you said you were going to keep us quiet. I believe that the precursor to the candy cane was a stick of white sugar candy given to children in church to keep them quiet!
A post from you is always a sweet substitute.
The Christmas season has given me fresh content to write about at Harvest Lane Cottage. As I become more vital, I find that I tend to do the same things and be quite happy with them. The season mixes things up a bit for me. That's good.
I hope you have a wonderful week.
Your long-distance blog friend,
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Mama to 12, so far said...

How delightful to find this little note today. I was just in my laundry room rotating the clothes when I wondered what you were up to and if you were alright and healthy. I like the iron pieces in that color and it does make the manse look a bit more cottage like in appearance. Thank you for checking in with us!

Lydia said...

Ladies thank you for taking time to post comments!! I’m collecting sayings from Wives and Daughters, which I’ll use in my broadcasts.

Karen S. said...

I also love pretty wrought iron wall art. I've collected several pieces over the years, but only some of it has found a home on the walls yet. Your home looks very charming with it!

Lydia said...

Thank you Karen S. I wanted decorative shutters but have to have something that endures the powerful rain and wind. I’m looking forward to doing this too the rest of the Manse on the outside.

Mrs Bain said...

What a nice surprise to find this post today. It is a bit rainy here and we gave a bit of Christmas shopping a go. So delighted to be home again. The accents look wonderful on the Manse. I like them much better than regular shutters, too. Thank you for checking in. It is good to hear that you are hale and hearty.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for another year of encouragement through your wonderful videos and blog. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone so quickly! I always enjoy seeing your pictures from the manse and the many links you direct us to. This is a particularly busy season, but I truly get more accomplished while listening to your broadcasts. I even love listening to several of the older videos in your absence. 😊
My dear mother just passed away; she kept a lovely home for many years. She didn’t have a fancy phone or a computer. But, if she did, I feel certain she would have loved your chats. You elevate homemakers! That’s the best way to empower women today, in my humble opinion. Thanks, Lydia

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Lydia said...

Ladies if you want to place a comment but can’t use the format here, you are welcome to email it to me. ladylydiaspeaks at And I will post for you. Indicate which part is personal and which part you want me to post.

Tiffany Koch said...

Good Evening Mrs. Sherman,

It is so refreshing listening to your videos. Thank you so much! My husband loves when I listen to your words of wisdom.
He and I were doing housework and we spoke about your tips on what’s appropriate to discuss and what’s not. He really finds this tips helpful in his work as well as mine at home. It is so easy to forget the old customs and traditions of something so simple like eating at the table as a family. I’m trying my best to reach my children good table manners but also have a kind heart about it like you said once before. Thank you for being an inspiration on good days and not so good days! You’re truly remarkable and God has blesses you with grace, gentleness and a loving spirit.
I look forward to learning more!

Tiffany Koch