Friday, December 08, 2023

Making Winter Friendlier

It seems so long since we were last together. I'm delighted you came to visit today.

In this broadcast I talked about a few things that gave me a feeling of well-being back "in the olden days" before today's constant distress:

*Having things in order at home
*Clean laundry, kitchen and bathroom
*Correspondence caught up
*Fresh food supplies for a few days meals

I have been making "magazines" for the younger ones. I didn't get a copy of the one for boys, but it was about being creative, with  word puzzles, art instruction, assignments, and exercise. I told you how to use a window for a lightbox to trace a picture. I'm sure some of you "vital" people remember doing that "in the olden days."

The name of the magazines I made and mailed:
The one you see here is called Serenity and it is for a granddaughter.
Every child's magazine has a different name.
The boy's magazines were "Kindness" and "Happiness" with games and puzzles, art, crafts and character building subjects.
The name of the one for my daughter is "Tranquility" and featured  the qualifications to enter the "Mrs. Tranquility contest for tranquil living. Of course, the fictional character we have invented in our text stories to each other, will win the contest.  I told you in a previous video how we text a continuing narrative to each other during the winters.
Consider making some of these cute magazines yourself. This is how my children began their newsletters and publications for friends and relatives. 

Nothing makes me more content and happy to be confined to the house than severely cold rain and fierce winds outside. Scenery from the window is better and better.

I spoke to you from the sewing room that also serves as an extra guest room. 

I have decided many times not to get more books,  but I have the "Esau Syndrome". A nice book will make me give up my valuable time and the limited storage space here at The Manse.  This is a very nice book and I read to you the chapter on Regency picnics. I hope to read more of it next time we meet.  There are reviews of this book, "Jane Austen's Table" by some lovely people on YouTube if you care to search for them there.

Please enjoy the broadcast while you sort through a box of old papers, clean out a kitchen shelf, or sleep.

I mentioned the comedy about how anxiety is produced. This was made back in the day when we were allowed to laugh at ourselves and be humorous about our own problems. I don’t suppose it would be acceptable today because we wouldn’t need all the all the remedies.

Here is the link to the Bob and Ray comedy episode on “anxiety” 


Phoebes World said...

What a beautiful blog. I found you through Homestead Tessie.

I am going to take great pleasure reading your posts

Phoebe x

Lydia said...

Ladies, thank you for your nice comments.

Marianne said...

So much in this video resonated with me; I am after all a bit more vital than you ...75 in January. My grandmothers were both born in Victorian times, one even went to finishing school!

I truly get so excited when you pop up on youtube. Thank you for your visits and I do pray that maybe during winter while you are at home and alone more that you will return more often.

greetings from Alabama,

Christal said...

So happy to see you, you make my day. I love seeing your pictures and just how you make everything look so beautiful. Loved hearing about all the workbooks, I really want to get a couple.

Jill said...

Mrs. Sherman, I just found a book at the library that I think you would enjoy. You may already have come across it: Jane Austin Embroidery by Jennie Batchelor. I would imagine you have already read it, but it was new to me. It has little anecdotes, excerpts from her books, and beautiful patterns! I can't wait to work some of them.
Thank you for your wonderful videos. They are such a pleasant way to start the day.

Lydia said...

Thank you Jill, for telling me about this book. I have nor seen it yet. I have the Jane Austen knitting book but not the embroidery book.

stephanie said...

Lydia, you look younger as the years go by!

Lydia said...

Camera was nice to me today:-) I do t look like that in real life.