Saturday, March 05, 2005

Color's Effect in the Home

After learning a bit about the effect of color on the mood of a person, I discovered why certain places I lived seemed to make me anxious, sad, lonely or depressed. In the 60's, when orange, gold and greens were all the rage in decorating materials (you could hardly get anything else), my home was furnished in these colors.

I read that commercially, certain companies would use certain colors for their products and restaurants, based on the effect it had on customers. If they wanted customers to linger, they would decorate in certain colors. If they wanted people to buy on impulse, another set of colors was used. Advertisements are full of "selling" colors. Hospital rooms now are decorated in colors intended to calm and soothe the patients.

I remember one home I lived where I woke up feeling anxious and went to be feeling anxious. I discovered certain activities where I was not anxious, and began to observe the elements of these activities: color, sound, scent, touch, sight, and weather. I found that the weather did nto matter so much if the interior of the home contained the kinds of colors that made me feel reassurred and happy. Since then, I've been more aware of how color affects the mood of people in the home. I wrote a little about this in an article on the Lady Lydia Speaks section of called "Color in the Home," but there is much more too it than color. There are also many other things we need to pay more attention to in order to make the home more appealing. Flickering candlelight, soft music, and good smells from the kitchen must be combined with the kinds of colors that you like, to give the home the overall feeling of love and comfort.

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