Friday, March 04, 2005

Observations: Passing on Our Love of Family

Lord willing this will be the first of many articles I write just observing the new culture God has put me in.

We were coming home from prayer meeting the other night on the bus and I had another chance to watch my very out-going daughter in action. This is by no means unusual; I have caught Charity craning her neck to try to catch the attention of anyone within eye shot that she can smile at and charm. Most grandparent types just love her, and also younger women and even children sometimes can't resist her infant charms.

This time, however, the person smiling and playing games with Charity didn't fit the usual stereotypes. It was a young man, probably in his early twenties. Most men that age don't acknowledge the presence of a person in need (i.e. the handicapped, the pregnant) let alone enjoy the company of a baby! I had only observed such treatment a few other times, and that was from Turkish young people. I didn't want to seem untoward, so after the young man exited the bus I asked my husband, "Was that young man Turkish?" Sure enough, my supposition was right, he was not a native German, but rather a Turk.

These people leave their homeland not only for undeniable economic advancement, but also for family and religious reasons. In Germany they enjoy greater freedom to observe their religion than in Turkey and have the ability to provide for their family well. Although it is heartbreaking to know that the religion they devote themselves to is false and can only lead them to Hell in the end, I can't help admiring these people for their principles.

They have a love of children and family that the West and even far too many true Christians have lost. Their young men and women enjoy and feel comfortable around babies and small children. In language class there always comes a day where the students share their dreams for their future. Practically every Turkish young person wants a spouse and children along with a good paying job. I can only assume that these people have been exposed to the joys and realities of family oriented life in a way that we have all but forgotten.

I guess what I would conclude from this is that in general if we give our children a taste of the happiness that family and children bring, they are likely to carry that love their whole lives.

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Lady Lydia Speaks said...

Sounds like the way Americans used to be. Everyone wanted a spouse, a family and a house. There is nothing more noble.


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