Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ready For Anything (well, almost)

Upon arising, do not leave your room or bathroom until you are ready to "face the nation." This means that you are fully dressed, hair in place, wearing shoes, and well groomed. Even if "all" you are going to do is stay at home, prepare yourself as though you were called out. There is a hidden meaning in that phrase "called out." It means to come away from the ordinary, petty cares and to be prepared for life on a higher level, spiritually. In a way, dressing up for the day lifts your expectations of yourself and helps you to function more efficiently, or professionally, at your work. There are many people who make housekeeping their career. They have to wear a certain uniform and keep certain hours, in order to get the job done. Dressing for the day sets the tone of the atmosphere for yourself and your family. It says, "This is a special occasion," or "What I am doing is important."

At the risk of boring you, I'll repeat what someone once told me about dressing up for the home. She said she noticed an amazing difference in her accomplishment and her organization, once she began to put on a nice skirt and shoes, etc., but later on in the day she decided to wear her old grunge outfit of sweats and sports shoes. After that, the day went completely downhill. Clutter began to accumulate, and chaos ensued. Her husband and children were cranky. She said she saw a real difference when she decided to get ready for the day, and dress well.

In dressing up, I certainly do not mean you wear the outfit you wore to your friend's wedding, or a prom dress. I mean clothing that looks suitable for going to the store at the spur of the moment, but can be worn in the home for the daily function of the home. Most people find skirts and blouses the best choice for this.

Dressing up at home means that if suddenly you are called out, you do not have to take extra time to put on your shoes, change your clothes, comb your hair or wash your face. It means that you'll be more time-efficient.

The home is the highest office in the land. It is the place where bodies are fed but souls are taught, and where values are formed, if the mother is taking the time to tend to the spiritual training of her children. Even without children (mine are all grown now), the woman sets the tone for the home, by her attitude toward it. Dressing up can go a long way to keep her spirits high and her goals meaningful.

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Hausfrau Cheri said...

My family growing up never used bathrobes, we got out of bed and got dressed. I have found that to be a big help on starting the day out right.

I haven't ever made a habit of wearing shoes in the house, though. To me, removing my shoes means I'm 'at home' and not just a guest. I do wear slippers (In the cool months) that are sturdy enough to clean the floor in or take out the garbage.
Having the right 'uniform' to keep the house in order and take life seriously is definately a big help getting things done.


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