Saturday, March 26, 2005

Honoring Parents

Our mid-week Bible study is led by a very wise, elderly man. We were discussing the scripture about honoring parents. He made some insights into this by asking the question, "How long does one honor his parents?" Through careful search of the scriptures, we discovered that it was very dishonoring even if an older person, whose parents had passed on, lived contrary to his godly upbringing. In other words, if a man in his thirties became rebellious to the values of his Christian parents, and decided to go the way of the mainstream world, and if he was aware that it would hurt his parents while they were living, it is still a violation of this scripture, and a violation of his conscience.

Many people grow up in good Christian homes, but when they leave, they get under the influence of people who think that they were deprived of "the real world." These grown children then entertain themselves with things and friendships that would have aggravated and grieved the parents tremendously had they done it at home. No matter how old we get, we always are blessed by keeping to the principles that our parents passed down to us, as they tried so hard to instill in us. They felt their responsibility and were obeying God by bringing us up in the nurture and admonitiion of the Lord. Let us not despise this even when we leave home.

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