Friday, December 06, 2013


Winter is such a festive season and I wanted to make something snow-like for indoors. As I had no commercial pattern, I folded paper in half and drew half a snowman and then cut it out. This way the shape would be consistent on both sides. Then I laid the paper pattern on two layers of white fleece fabric, cut it out and machine stitched all around it, leaving it open at the end for stuffing. The next ones I make will be shorter and more rolly-poly like big mounds of snow.

This is the first snow of the season and the flakes are slender filaments like ice shavings and will not stick together, so I have no outdoor snowman yet. Here are a few scenes of this big load of snow.

This was taken when it first began and a bit of the ground was showing. It is much deeper now.

We grow English holly here and it looks so fine with a layer of snow on it. If I could find my protective gloves, I would cut some holly and bring it indoors.
One of the bird houses.
View of the field.

The snow is now much thicker than this, taken a few hours ago.


Ruth Weston said...

I love the first's just the rest of 'em I don't miss! Love your fleecy guy! So cute! I don't have mine out yet...hope to get to him today!

LadyLydia said...

Thanks Ruth. I took the big snowman apart and am trying to make a group of small ones. I just did not want to store something that large and I needed the huge amount of stuffing it took to fill it. I was not completely satisfied with the way this one turned out so its back to the sewing machine.

Laura Lane said...

So pretty, we had our first snow here this weekend here in Missouri as well. It makes me feel Christmassy.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

Anonymous said...

Wow, perfectly seasonal pics ~ absolutely lovely! We have no snow here in the UK, just mild weather. It could change come January, though!
Keep cosy, LL!

LadyLydia said...

Thank you for visiting, Alexandra. Oregon used to be occupied by England before it became a state. The area has a lot of scenery like Great Britain, including the Cotswolds.

LadyLydia said...

Laura, we had a lot of wind and a freeze so we have frozen pipes, no water. I have been melting snow for essential washing. I need to tell anyone who is thinking of thawing their pipes with heaters and heating devises to be cautious. You can thaw out the water but if its frozen elsewhere and there is pressure, the pipes will burst. You can go online to learn more about it. Apparently you have to keep an eye on the well-house and the water pump if you are out in the country, to make sure there is no leaking from the pipes, and you cant just thaw things with a blow torch


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