Sunday, December 22, 2013

An Inn At Home


Someone asked me today to tell them what I would like to do in this season that would be restful. I would like to go to take tea at an inn somewhere One evening.

Since I could not go to an inn, I decided to create a few elements of an Inn, here at home.

In my mail box was this velvet heart that someone sent men there was no letter and no explanation, but I sure liked the way this ornament looked on one of my plates.

This card had such a homey scene I want to share it. There is no artist mentioned. It tells a story of home traditions.
Here is another house tour scene. Above you see part of a room which is a cozy seating area, with the little skates on the wall that I made from felt and metallic paper,

...and here is close view of ornaments on a gold and white tree.

I finished two of the dresses made from that good-quality blue fabric with snowflake print and will try to post pictures soon.



budgeteer said...

I just love the picture of your sitting room with the decorated mantle-piece. It looks so cosy and inviting - beautiful

Merry Christmas


LadyLydia said...

Thank you Lesley. Have a happy day in England.

Julian said...

Beautiful! What a lovely surprise in the mail! I'm always inspired by your ideas! Keep warm! Christina

Miriam said...

"An inn at home"
That is how I have been thinking of our home. As much I appreciate the privacy our home gives, I have always loved to think home as an inn. Making beds can be dull, but if you have an inn it is a totally different case! You want it to be beautiful, at it's best :-)
I love to browse websites of hotels - no, I do not seek a destination for a vacation, but just for pure inspiration. And of course there is a lovely site at!

Thank you for sharing your inn! Have the most joyous Holidays!

LadyLydia said...

Miriam thank you for the link. You are right..the concept of an inn really enhances homemaking

LadyLydia said...

Have a look at the pictures inside this Inn

Miriam said...

Campbell House looks lovely! I have to take a good look with a cup of tea :-)

(my favorite inn at this moment is's-cottage/

LadyLydia said...

Thank you. I hope to make some more dolls today, a
As I decided I need to see more smiles. I also have a couple of paper projects. My house is still not in the best order. The day after christmas I took extra care to clean the kitchen, going i to more detail, and it took five hours
So I think I will take a break today and do some more relaxing things.


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