Thursday, December 19, 2013

Window Shopping

Roses and Tea

Yesterday I went window-shopping in the older section of a town some distance away. Do proprietors dress up their windows anymore? I remember when sales personnel used to take courses in window dressing or go to window-dressing schools. I can find no record of it on the web, so I am relying on my own memory and that of other people who have told about it.

Having beautiful displays was so important. Now, though, the windows are not used to their best advantage, and often all that shows is the back label of cans of paint or the back of a store shelf. The window is so important for attracting customers, it is sad that there is almost no window shopping in our towns. I remember how we used to look forward to seasonal window shopping.

There were some good window displays. One of the shops had some interesting tree displays, including colorful birds, and vintage ornaments, but the most striking tree display was the one with peacock ornaments.

I saw the metal boxes inside the store. They were very light weight and I especially liked the round tins stacked in graduated sizes. They were not at all expensive.

Peacock decor was very attractive. When I got home I searched for ways to make peacock feathers from paper, and found quite a few sites with instructions and videos.

The white peacocks were so sparkly and just right for this season.

This is a close-up of a couple of the pastry ornaments.

Another tree in the shop was laden with art supply ornaments. I think this little palette ornament could be made with cardboard. I made a pattern for a palette card a few years ago, and it is on this blog somewhere.

Look at the middle of the above picture to see a peacock nice.

There were many of these brightly colored peacocks that had clips on them for hanging.

The shop had some very interesting picture frames. This is one I liked, in the peacock color theme.
There's that pretty white peacock again, sitting near a candle holder in peacock colors.
Isn't this one nice? One would not have to store these eleven months out of the year, as they are so pretty they could be displayed all year.

When I got home I got out my batch of flannel fabric that I plan to make winter dresses from. This is a good quality fabric I purchased at Walmart awhile ago, and found the buttons there also, which I thought looked like the snowflake print on the fabric. I hope to get this sewn and then post the pictures in the near future. It is always motivating to get the daily housework done early and quickly if I am excited about something I want to make, so this is tomorrow's hopeful.



This is a new herbal tea from Twinings, a light, subtle flavor called Winter Spice,

...which was good for a few minutes of evening tea

...taken while seated in front of the fireplace.
I rescued a few things from my sale for this tray picture...the yard sale to come.

To continue with the subject of the sacredness of the home, I was mulling over this on my way home, and thought of an instant formula for establishing the sanctity of the home. I believe that bad manners ruin more relationships than anything, for bad manners are a symptom of disloyalty and thoughtlessness.

Once disloyalty has taken root, people will attempt to smash all contentment and domestic happiness. In response to such outrageous rudeness, my formula is simple. It will work at home, on the phone, in church, and in business: Be careful of what you say. Be sure the words that are addressed to family members are building-up words. Watch about complaining or criticizing.

When I was growing up, whenever rude things escaped the children's lips to their siblings or parents, my mother would ask the question: "My dear, would you speak so rudely to an employee where you shop, or to the preacher at church, the church members, or to a peace officer? Would you say something so disrespectful to a guest? How long would your job last, if you insulted other employees, or worse, your employer, with such words?" This should cause us all to think very seriously and ponder the impact of rudeness.

What words would promote the most harmony without going against your values in the home?

Such thoughts are too deep for some people, but most, I believe, will get the meaning, and that is, show no less courtesy in the home than you would in business. Pause and think how rudeness chases away customers and can cause the downfall of a business and the loss of income for a person, and then translate it to the home. Rudeness can blight a happy day at home.

As children, we were taught not to spread our foul moods all around the house and make the family members suffer. We had to either live in harmony with others or take our bad mood away to a quiet place til we had gotten over it. We never felt free to say outrageous things or express resentment.

Today the prevailing culture does not support the practice of keeping bad thoughts to yourself. It encourages speaking your mind about things that can "put a bad taste into someone's mouth," an expression that means you can really sour someone's experience, so that they distance themselves, not wanting to repeat the uproar in the future.

One way to watch the words is to choose what you will or will not respond to. Calculate where the conversation might lead, and if it could possibly be a set-up that will give you a lot of stress, dismiss it and go on to something positive that will build up others and yourself.

Be aware that there are some people who employ the tactic of being sweet erstwhile sneakily wrecking your home life. We can pursue that subject another time. Meanwhile, it is good to develop wisdom about the things that troublemakers do. The book of Proverbs is valuable as a study of human behavior, for in contrasts love and hate, sincerity and mocking, and shows the character qualities of people who are faithful and loyal in comparison to those who are are untrue.

Proverbs 3 shows that acquiring wisdom and understanding produces pleasantness:

Pro 3:17    Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

Those who trouble their own homes lack the qualities of wisdom and understanding and need to diligently study and learn them and practice them. Without this, a person cannot be pleasant and content.



Bible Babe said...

Wonderful post, lovely photos. Please do address the sweet yet sneaky people trying to tear down the home. I have encountered more of them than I can count. Would love advice on how to handle them. Merry Christmas!

anonymous said...

I so love your blog and all the beautiful photos you post. Especially the peacock colors.

My grandparents had a peacock on their farm and grandmother gathered the pretty tail feathers and stored them in a tall vase on top of her upright family piano as it sat upon a lovely silk shawl with long black fringe. Peacock feather arrangements are a nice change from flowers.

Thank you Lydia for your post.
Mrs. J.

anonymous said...

I notice that there is more rudeness in society now then even 10 yrs ago. I believe that television with its every other word being a (bleep) and in particular the social media is to blame for this. People are able to say mean and disrespectful things to others without facing them or rebuke, therefore it emboldens them to be as bad as they like.

The bible mentions people who cannot sleep unless they have caused others harm or hurt.

My mother taught me that, "what goes around comes around and your sin will find you out". This is so true. What you dish out comes back with heavy interest.

Thank you for holding up the standard Lydia.

Mrs. J.

anonymous said...

I remember window shopping in the 1950's. Our town was small and historical. The shops all had wonderful displays in the windows and as you say a delight to walk and gaze at their beauty.

It was a tradition to walk and window shop downtown a week or so before Christmas and get ideas for decorating, baking and gifts.

None of the stores had candy out until a week before Christmas and we only bought one 12oz. bag. Would you believe it lasted until January and we had plenty of it in our stockings with a big orange or tangerine.

Mrs. J.

Sharon said...

The tea arrangement is so pretty. The peacock ornaments were fun to see. The surprise ending of your blog was what I needed most. I try to watch what I say, but I can see that if my dear kind Mother and Daddy had said to me the things I sometimes say to my young ones, how it would hurt! I do consider myself a dedicated Christian, but I do need to watch my mannerisms and words to my own family. Thank you!

LadyLydia said...

There is a peacock that lives here and I have collected some feathers but I put them in a box stacked away with the yard sale that never happened. I guess I will have to go and get them...

anonymous said...

I notice that after shopping, whether grocery shopping, thrift store shopping or even window shopping, I always like to sit down afterwards and have a small treat and a hot cup of tea to just think about and process the things I've seen, relax or think on the next thing to do on my list. Tea is most refreshing after.

I guess you do too. It was most pleasant to see the tea table all set after your window shopping.
I think that was the part I liked the best about this post. Thank you again. I had fun shopping with you.

Mrs. J.

Barbara said...

I love this post, the pictures, and the teachings about civility and manners. Your blogging blesses me so much!


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