Monday, December 16, 2013

The Festive Season in the House - a Little Winter Tour

Art by Judy Gibson.

(Maybe I will get my piano to look like this painting. Isn't it lovely?!)

I have a few photographs for today, and maybe more, later. This is the mantel. I will show the whole fireplace later. It very easy to adapt to winter decor just by adding sparkle and shine to what you are already using. The above display is a summer candelabra with a rose and ivy swag, to which I just added pink plastic balls.

I grew up in a 2-storey log cabin, with a staircase made by my Dad, and I have never had one since then. I always thought the "landing" areas of staircases was such a nice touch, and so restful. Here I have a curved staircase that doesn't go anywhere but gives me the visual effect of having a stairs and a bannister to on which to wrap a garland. It can be used as a book shelf, a planter, or a place to store decorative storage boxes.


I have been thinking a lot lately about the home, and how important it is not to speak disparagingly of the family or even the house. To point out faults or compare to other families and homes is not a healthy way of thinking. One of the practices of our modern age of tolerance is that homemakers have allowed criticism in the name of open-mindedness, or humility. However, running down the home is something that can plant seeds of discontent in the family members, as well as demoralize the homemaker. The home is sacred.

A very dark day.


The skies are very dark today, and no matter what you think of celebrating Christmas, it can only be good to have the lights. When I was growing up in the frozen northern wilderness, we put up lights in November and kept them up til February, since it was so dark for so many months. Today we have so many more choices in colors, and I have found some interesting lights that have been around for awhile called "candy lights". Some of them are scented.



The New Covenant of our Lord teaches to think on things that are good and lovely and virtuous and of good report. Philippians 4:8-9. I believe it concludes that such thinking will bring the peace of God into your life.

It is especially important to do something lovely if you have been run down by anyone or your home has been criticized, because it is a way to live you up and make you able to function in His kingdom. He has given you a little realm to rule over in the home, and as the manager of that home, you have to keep a strong resolve "for the troops." If your husband and other family members come home at the end of the day discouraged by the meanness and underhanded dealings of this world, your home provides that optimism they need. Though the occasional detractor may accuse the homemaker of "living in a dream world", there is more reality at home than anywhere if you keep things stable and avoid having life in a constant uproar. There are some people who think they must keep life in a turmoil , because they do not understand the meaning of contentment.


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Homeschool on the Croft said...

We read these words in Philippians tonight at family worship. Wonderful words.

I love the decor in your home, btw.

becky said...

Your living room looks so cozy. We live in an old log cabin down in the woods. We heat it with the big fireplace here in Kansas & it has been cold and dark. Keeping my little white lights on all day and into the night. Festive looking. I enjoy living like the pioneers:)

Barbara said...

Beautiful encouragement today. I love all that you said about the sacredness of the home and how we, as homemakers, need to be an encouragements for "the troops." You are an encouragement to your "troop" of blog readers!

Your living room is beautiful; all your pictures are an inspiration to me. Thank you for blogging!

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you for this beautiful post, and for all the encouragement you give to us home-making ladies! :) You have made your up so beautifully, and continue to be an inspiration to me and my family. Now that my girls are getting better, we all read your articles together!

Love and Christmas blessings,


LadyLydia said...

Katrina said..
old christmas decorations that require the c7 twinkling lights, especially one that was my mother's and looks like a string of bells with the twinkling lights as the clappers. I've gone for years just using whatever I had for my string of lights and the string of bells. I wasn't able to find the twinkling lights. Last year after Christians I found them for sale on Amazon and thought I would purchase them in plenty of time for the holidays, but didn't. This year when I got out all the lights I was discouraged and thought oh well, it wasn't right to need to have everything just so, I could be happy with plain old lights. But suddenly I decided that I would buy them for myself, so went onto Amazon and ordered them and I'm getting so much pleasure from them! I'm so glad I did this. Sometimes we need to be very, very frugal and be happy with what we can do. Other times we just need to do something a little nice to lift our spirits. This encouraged me so much that I really did things up nicely this year for Christmas and it's so beautiful and restful to see.

I tried to find a battery operated tea light to put inside a little fire house my daughter painted for me, but couldn't find any. That will be for next year!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Everything just looks very cozy and lovely. Wish I could sit and have a Christmas tea with you and enjoy the twinkle of the lights.
Merry Christmas and May His peace overflow over all your loved ones and your wonderful Hubby!
You're such a great treasure to so many! I really agree that at times we need to get just what our hearts need to encourage us. These days just seem so hard at times.
In His Love, Roxy Big Hug!

LadyLydia said...

Thank you Roxy

Katrinka said...

I found a set of 12 led battery tea lites for $6.75 on amazon. I purchased them. I wish I could have found them locally, but I could only find the large pillar led candles. I decided to do this now, as this may be our daughter's last Christmas at home. I want to place the candle inside a small fire house that she bought and painted for us as a gift years ago. Using candles with flame is no longer currently safe at our house, so this is a perfect solution.

LadyLydia said...

I am glad you are enjoying the led lites. Katrina. The the lites are at dollar tree in sets of three for a dollar, and at the christmas section and other places in the store. Also look in target an other stores . You probably got a good deal online


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