Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter House Tour

Many years ago I participated in a real house tour that some of my acquaintances had organized. While it was a joy to tour all the homes, the work to get them ready for a friend to see them all at once, was very intense and tiring. When other bloggers invited me to join blog tour of homes, I always declined because of the exhausting effort it would take to get all the rooms ready for photographing, and I was never certain I could complete the assignment in time for the date that was set.

Lately, the home tours shown on blogs have been done in small increments, sometimes only showing table vignettes or fireplace mantels. This made me feel a little more confident about having a house tour on my blog. You do not have to know the rooms or part of the rooms that are not ready yet. Since I am never able to get every area of my house ready at the same time, I will show what I can, for the next few days.

Of course this will last about five minutes in real life, before it is all removed and the piano bench is returned to its place and the tea pot put back in the cabinet.
This lasted 5 minutes and the piano bench which substituted as a coffee table was returned to its place.

Not real donuts.

Mere staging makes this chair look very neat and tidy but it is in use constantly.




I do use the teapot and plate quite a bit.

This is a lot less stressful than having guest walk through every room in one day. I do hope to have other pictures for future posts during this festive season.



living from glory to glory said...

Good Evening,
This was a very good point that you made! I also could not have my whole ready for a walk through. And I really have cut way back on my Christmas decorations these last few years. I have been working on my gifts all evening. I will look forward to maybe a Christmas Tea with some girlfriends next week
I hope your water problem is solved soon.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Blessings, Roxy

Bible Babe said...

Lovely. Looking forward to more photos.

The Chickadee Feeder said...

This is so pretty! I'm not sure I could organize prettiness like this for even 5 minutes; you have a good "eye".

Sharon said...

Ít's all so very lovely. It's comforting to be surrounded by beauty. Thanks for showing how it can be done on a low budget.

Laura Lane said...


Barbara said...

Really lovely. I enjoyed this and look forward to more as time and energy allow…

Gayle said...

Your home is lovely and peaceful looking. You have such a decorators touch in making things look so pretty.


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