Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Sewing Holiday

Rosen by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller, Austria 1843

Isn't this art amazing? The artist was born in the 1700s. The metal vases are painted in great detail with reflections and embossing. The roses are ready to shed a few of their petals. Beautiful.

I have always wanted a day to do exactly as I liked, so the day before Christmas I sewed, and completed another Mother-Daughter dress set from cotton flannel. The clear buttons have a silver backing, which make them look like jewels. Mother and daughter looked like special princesses with their dark hair and white dresses.
The fabric store is not within a convenient distance, so when there was not enough fabric for the ladies dress, I had to piece the bodices . I did this by sewing equal amounts of fabric scraps on two pieces and then placing the pattern on the fabric and cutting it. If you are interested in making pieced fabric for sewing clothes, it is not actually necessary to have matching pieces. One side of the bodice or skirt can be different than the other.
Small pieces on the sides under the sleeves.
A matching doll dress would have been nice but every scrap of white flannel was used, so today, I made this doll with muslin. It is made like the old fashioned handkerchief dolls which do not require stitching. The head is stuffed with polyester fiberfill and tied with string. The hands are also tied with string. I hot-glued the hair and bonnet and drew the face with markers.
I machine stitched a border of eyelet lace on the hem of the dress. The bonnet is a piece of the eyelet gathered lace, tied with ribbon under the chin.

This doll is made for a girl's bed, and is placed on top of the bedspread after the bed is made. I have painted the face of the doll and applied some clear matte decoupage. The hair is a skein of brown embroidery thread, cut to make long hair hanging over the sleeves, glued with hot glue.

You can also make a boy-doll with this tying method, by tying the fabric into trousers. Here is a tutorial for pioneer handkerchief dolls


I received a lot of buttons for Christmas, and a new blanket, which would be considered a "throw" or lap cover. While in a store with my husband last week I touched it and remarked how soft it was. This morning the blanket was on my bed. It is the one in the picture with the doll I just made.

The mood of the season is lovely and it reminds me how important it is to apply a good mood in every season, and not just times of celebration. It can be tempting to be discontent when there are no events to look forward to or when there is no particular drama in one's life. To train the mind and the moods to be stable and inwardly happy in whatever gloomy weather or bad news there is, is quite an accomplishment. For many people, it takes a lifetime to learn, but I believe the Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew 5-7 (three chapters), when carefully considered, teach how to regulate moods. It show us what to think and how to respond.

There does not have to be a big let-down after a holiday. Each day is a special day, in my opinion, and can be memorable, depending on what is done with it.

If you ever need to see more cheerful faces in your life, try making a doll with a smile.




Sharon said...

The dresses are so beautiful. I had to make do with fabric when I made a shirt for my husband. It was plaid, so the patch at the tail had to match. I entered it in the state fair, not really thinking it would place. Blue ribbon! Guess they didn't pay attention to the piece I had to work in.

What an artist you are! The face is perfect, as is the doll. The blanket is just beautiful - nice to be soft, too.

Sounds like you had the perfect unhurried Christmas Eve. The goal of everyone - spending that day quietly at home sewing or baking.

As I scrolled down and the painting came into view, I thought it was breathtaking. I thought it was crystal at first until I read what you said. Such beautiful work!

LadyLydia said...

Thank you Sharon. I am going to make a couple more that look like baby dolls, today, and will make a new post when I get them finished.

LadyLydia said...

Interesting you won a blue ribbon. Maybe piecing is considered an art form! I might put a pieced dress in the county fair and see what happens.

Laura Lane said...

Sounds like a lovely day.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

annie said...

I enjoyed your post, esp. considering moods, and the sermon on the Mount~~~~~!
The sewing is just lovely!
I like the sweet faced doll!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, The sweet doll is a treasure. I made some rag dolls many years ago where a ripped strips of muslin. I still have one of them maybe I will do a post on it one day. I think it was very touching of your Hubby to give you the blanket you admired.
I bet the dresses will be warm and cozy! I am so glad you posted about the moods, because it seems many do feel such a let down after the holidays.
We are planning on doing a sledding day with some friends tomorrow. I am not sure if I will do it, just watching will be fun!
Blessings, Roxy

LadyLydia said...

Thank you Annie. It also helps to analyze the behavior of generations past, when moods were more private and courtesy required that people avoid spoiling social situations by venting their foul moods, even at home.

LadyLydia said...

Roxy I do not recall the parents and grandparents of the past thinking it was important to pacify themselves , and when there was a let down or a disappointment they just found something to do

Joluise said...

I am also busy sewing today. I am making library bags for my cousins two small children. Tomorrow I am off to buy some fabric so I can make another bag for my mother for her walker. She was so thrilled with the first one I made her.

Michelle said...

I love your creations, when I have a little more time I would love to sit at my sewing machine for a day :) I have 3 very busy boys who like to sew as well and my youngest who is five is very proud of himself helping to make his very own pyjama pants out of polar fleece. My 9 and 8 year old boys like to make mini bean bags for tossing and balancing, we have quite a collection now!

It's funny how these days there is a lack of privacy, so much so that at times I am made to feel uncomfortable about hearing about others "discussions" and looked upon in expectation to share. Sometimes being too hasty with information or opinions can be emptying to your soul I find, I think it is a very good practise to sort through your thoughts and feelings within the depths of your heart and bring them to Christ Jesus, shaking off those that hinder and polishing those that bring life and joy.

Sending warmth and good wishes from Australia :)

anita crane said...

Lovely! I just love dolls and she is such a sweet one. My girls got me a Raggedy Ann doll a few years ago :) it isn't the traditional one but a sweet "prairie" type doll.. on my bed :) God bless, you are such a treasure to us!

Anonymous said...

The dollie's face is so sweet and everything you have made is just lovely. I WILL make time for sewing in the coming year!

Loved visiting, thank you.
A Happy Holiday to you, my industrious friend :)

Barbara said...

I do enjoy dolls, even though I am a grandmother. Your closing statement was sweet, encouraging us to make a doll with a smile. Thank you for your delightful blog posts!

Barbara said...

I do enjoy dolls, even though I am a grandmother. Your closing statement was sweet, encouraging us to make a doll with a smile. Thank you for your delightful blog posts!

LadyLydia said...

A handmade doll used in the home seems to make the house more homey


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