Friday, April 17, 2015

Granny Notes

Recently someone told me about a friend of hers who writes an email each week to her grandchildren. She creates a Bible lesson with character training and sends it across the miles. She calls it her weekly Granny letter or Granny notes.  This is such a good idea that could include just about anything else, in the form of tutorial; maybe even a carpentry lesson from Grandfather.
You can find examples od character lessons on Pinterest, or make your own.

(pictures from Pinterest)

Today I bought an exotic looking fruit called Dragonfruit:

This is what it looks like growing:

The fruit comes in different colors, so the inside will vary. The white flesh is similar to fresh figs.

I am finishing up some of the garments that are already cut out, and have almost completed the bodice of one of them:

Outside my window it looks just fine but is too cold to be comfortable. 

I hope you have a lovely day at home or wherever you go today, and that you accomplish what your heart desires.

Note: these dresses are not for me.  The are for other family members.  I haven't finished mine yet!


Anonymous said...

How does it taste? It looks very interesting ... :0) mari

DELETED said...

lovely post!

Anonymous said...

The view from your window is so beautiful...I know you must love the home the Lord has given you:)

Lydia said...

The flavor is as bland as fresh figs. With a marshmallow like texture, but as you eat it, a bit of sweetness is detected, til pretty soon you are reaching for more. It is very juicy. I don't see any leftovers and no one spat any of it out. That being said, I wont be getting another one, as by the time it is shipped over here, the price has gone up considerably.

Dawn said...

What a pretty view you have from your front window. So peaceful.

And you've finished another lovely dress. It must be nice to open your closet door to see all the pretty colors and prints of the clothes you have made.