Saturday, April 25, 2015

Buying Used Books

                                                          (Photo from Pinterest)

Hello Dear Ones,

I so appreciate your visits here!  Whether in a grand house or a trailer, it is good to know there are ladies who love their dwelling and want to tend to it!

When this tea book first came on the market I dearly wanted to get it, but the price was quite high for a new one.  I recently found that when I buy a used book online, if I choose one that was formerly a library book, I get a better quality because it has an additional plastic cover on top of the paper jacket. Now, when selecting a book on my list, I always choose the library edition.  That way, it will not wear as badly from so much use and will withstand the dust in my bookshelf as well. 

Having the plastic covers also allows me to wipe the book with a damp cloth, something that does not work with many book covers when I want to remove stains, food or fingerprints. Occasionally there is a water spill on a book, and that is one reason I like these covers.  I could cover all my books myself but it is time consuming and it sure is nice having things already done!

This book is more of an encyclopedia about the many uses of tea and even has recipes for skin treatments.

Protective plastic covers are added to library books.

I am looking forward to going through these pages and enjoying the photographs.

There is also a large recipe section in he back of the book.

As I have a lot of catching up to do in the house and also with unfinished sewing, I will not stay long here today, but I do have an upcoming post that I will publish when I have a longer stretch of time.

While I am sewing I am truly enjoying a multi-scented candle that smells just wonderful in the house.  It is a Williamsburg brand that was on sale for about $3.00, and I like it so much that I went back to the store to find other scents and there were none left!  In a small space, some scents are just too sharp,or over-powering, but this one is perfect.  It is so well-scented that I do not need to burn it to bring out the fragrance. I keep it covered all the time and then remove the lid to release the scent.  If I keep the lid on most of the time, the scent remains strong.

Today I have shared two things that bring sweet pleasure to the home life of a lady: a book and a candle.  These things are not expensive and can also come from a dollar store. You can take a book you already have and fold a piece of wallpaper, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper around it to make it bright and cheerful, and it is also possible to make some kind of scent in a jar from your kitchen ingredients. The home treats are very welcome on a cold day with dark skies, especially when I am alone at home.  


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Once a year I splurge and buy a Yankee Candle Macintosh scent. I love that and Christmas Cookie. For a while the 99¢ Store had candles that had Dole Scents and Betty Crocker Scents as well.

Right now my favorite candle is Woodwick. They sound like a fire crackling in the background and smell so good. I was given one by my SIL and when it finally burned down, the one I got a Cracker Barrel did as well so I went on Amazon and found them. I really love them.

Have a good spring week. It's windy and cold here at the coastal plain in LA.

Finding Joy said...

I love buying old books over new books - besides being cheaper, they have a history knowing that other people have enjoyed reading them and even though discarded, they have found a new home with me.

I write to you on a grey cold Autumn day, but inside my sewing room, it is lovely and warm with beautiful classical music playing - a very cosy place to be :) Better go and continue to make this baby quilt.

Blessed Homemaking said...

Sounds like a lovely time, reading books and enjoying a candle. I'm so glad buying used books is so easy to do online! I've gotten several books that way.

Dawn said...

Those button cookies in your new book are just so cute.

I love scented candles with vanilla being my overall favorite scent. I buy the fat pillars 10 at a time from the dollar store.

At the moment I have a rose candle burning.

Yankee Candle Macintosh scent is so nice. It smells exactly like a fresh apple someone just took a bite of.

Lisa said...

Could you recommend any good websites that sell used books cheaply? I have read your blog for a long time and as a young mother living in Australia, I am always encouraged and uplifted. God bless you.


JES said...

I love the Victorian tea book you found! Just lovely, thank you for sharing some pictures with us! These are my types of books. With a cup of tea, it is pure bliss! :)

Finding Joy said...

Lisa, have you heard of the Life Line Book fairs? I attend one in Canberra (twice a year) but most cities have them -check out their website. Ours has a huge range of second hand books that are cheap . I've bought many craft books, christain literature, home making books from here. I also use EBay and Abe book sellers on line. Abe can be expensive . Jo

magnoliasntea said...

Oh, your tea book looks interesting. I'll have to see if I can locate one to read. And thank you for sharing your idea of buying used library books online. I appreciate the nice plastic covers, too.
Have a lovely week!

Unknown said...

I love to buy used books that are beautiful. I buy Yankee Candles at Christmas time when the coupon is buy 2 get 2 free any size.

Polly said...

I am a great fan of used books as well and also love to find the former library books...they are so durable!