Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Morning Atmosphere

Good Morning Dear Ladies at Home,

The weather in March and April seems to be inclement in many places on the earth, but we can always ignore it by putting our minds to meal preparation. Mornings are often dark and cold, making one want to scurry back to bed.

On the last post I used the idea of setting the table the previous evening. The scene provides an optimistic view for the day.

After church, it is nice to come home to a table already set and waiting for the meal.  I am going to try to do that more often. Here is combination I am considering, using the charger plates as placemats, which bring out the colors of the dinnerware and add brightness to the entire setting.

It is nice for the family to come to a well-set table, but do not forget to stop sometime in the day and treat yourself to a luxurious respite. Even if you don't drink tea, there is a host of flavorful infusions and herbal treats you can make in a cup. Consider my own invention of frozen berries or fruit to make a beautiful cuppa. Just pour hot water over them in a sieve and there you have it. The fragrance does something for you too.

Some of you might be interested to know the recent Tea Time issue features tea in Australia and New Zealand.  They didn't include the tea rooms I featured here a couple of years ago, on the Morning Peninsula and recently in Kyneton, both in Victoria, but it is all beautiful.

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Unknown said...

I have recently been incorporating that idea of setting the table. In my patio room where our dining table is..I have set a tea up display on the table with some little plates. This reminds me to stop and have tea every afternoon. I like the charger plates in the picture, they make a pretty place setting. I need to get some charger plates.