Thursday, April 30, 2015

So Much to Do

Hello Ladies,

I didn't realize I had not posted in such a long time.  There is so much to do at home and I got involved in cleaning up some neglected areas.  Above is a picture of a miniature vase I have, with the first shoots of Columbine. I see Columbine comes in other colors too. Mine has been coming up in the flower bed for over 20 years; one of the plants that stays, even with neglect.

(Picture from Pinterest)

At this time, what is on my mind is a discussion I recently participated in, concerning the concept of fairness between duties of men and women as shown in the Bible. (See Titus 2 to read about some of the duties of men).

  Some times the question of fairness is thrown at you to make you think you are missing out on something. Rather than focus on fairness, why not focus on your own responsibilities and try to live up the the character qualities described in the New Testament: faith, virtue, knowledge, self control, goodness, kindness, etc.  There is so much to do  that you will not  have time to worry about comparisons.  We only need to compare ourselves to the character descriptions in the Bible.

I hope to come back soon.  Please have a lovely morning, afternoon, evening and night.


Unknown said...

Our state flower here in Colorado is the Columbine. It unique and beautiful. I am doing lots of little projects in my home too...takes me a while since I have fibromyalgia but every little one finished makes me feel joyful!

Andrea R said...

Love this!