Friday, April 03, 2015

Piecing Fabric

(Painting: The Sewing Lesson by Michael Dudash)

Piecing is a way of creating a larger piece of fabric, and was a common word for what is now called patchwork quilting.  However today we sew pieces of fabrics together to make just about anything. If you come up short on fabric, you can just piece it.  Today I am showing how to piece fabric to make a sleeve.

I noticed in a shop on the designer clothes by April Cornell some piecing and it was very pretty.  Usually after cutting out a garment there is quite a bit of two-layer fabric left.  This means you have two pieces alike. I have sewn some together to show how to piece two sleeves alike, using 1/4 inch seams.

When finished making the pieces, press the seams one way with a hot iron (this is cotton fabric) and press again on the right side to make the fabric smooth.

I now have a double layer of fabric large enough for the sleeves of a garment.  

Lay the pattern piece and make sure both layers of fabric are even, and that the wrong sides or right sides are facing each other before you cut.

I skipped a step where I top-stitched the pieced seams before sewing the sleeves. This is optional. I wanted to see what it would look like.  When my daughter wore the dress someone asked about the pattern for that interesting sleeve! Instead, they heard, "Mum didn't have enough fabric so she pieced the sleeves."

This was a garment I cut out awhile back and had not finished because there was not enough fabric for the sleeves. The store did not have any more of it so yesterday I pieced the larger scraps to make fabric enough.  I wish I could show the complete garment but it is not quite finished.  I have another garment in the making and hope to show them both, here, soon. There are a couple of sewing weblogs on my sidebar if you want to see more sewing ideas and tutorials.

I was discussing with someone the need to have some motivation in the morning. She said it would be nice to get an email every day that was likened to flylady (a popular housekeeping email schedule) but "more", with a spiritual aspect and some beauty and inspiration; not quite so much urgency and hype, but something similar to the things we used to get in emails with the paintings and the music. 

It would be something like this:
(Credit: Pinterest)
"Good Morning.  How are you feeling today? Wouldn't you just love to wake up to a nicely set table like this and be seved with all kinds of delicious morning savories? It isn't too late to have it.  Are you dressed?  Why not get your shower and dress in fresh clothes, put on a pretty apron and set the table.  Even if you are not very well organized, those table things all gleaming and pretty this morning can give you the start you need.  I will be back later to see your progress!"

Well this is certainly the sort of lift I could have used many years ago! I knew two ladies who arranged to phone each other when they had finished a housekeeping chore--swept the floor, cleaned the kitchen or bathroom, made a meal, etc.  Today, email is so much quieter and pictures can be included.  Skype might be another possibility if a lady needs to have some encouragement.

I haven't quite graduated to the latest technology and am not yet using the cellphone with texts and pictures.  The only thing my cellphone is used for is to carry in my purse when I am out, and I simply have not had the time to explore its capabilities, so for now, I am still posting and emailing. I only have one number on my cellphone to call out..HOME ... And that is all I can manage.  I do plan to update someday!

Above and below: Ladies dress and child's dress. The ladies dress has a matching removeable white collar.


Jenny said...

Hello, Lady Lydia. An email like that would be wonderful to receive each morning. Just stopping by your blog every morning and reading or re-reading a post is great motivation for me, and the beautiful pictures add to the inspiration.

I would love to join one of your ladies Bible classes via Skype, but until summer I am busy Thursday mornings. Thank you for making it possible for us to be included.

You have no idea, Lady Lydia, how much your blog has meant to me over the years. Thank you sincerely.

Happy Easter!


Susan said...

It would be just wonderful to get a motivational email like that every day, especially on those days when I have to do things I dislike such as keeping dentist appointments. It would also be wonderful on rainy gloomy days when everyone seems to be in a dreary mood. Maybe we can start an email chain. I agree that the pretty pictures on this blog are very uplifting. They always brighten my day.

I love the fabric of the dress. It is so Springy and feminine.

I hope you have a restful and blessed Easter.

Alex said...

What a gorgeous colour the dress is!
The piecing really adds something and looks decorative ~ what a brilliant idea! Thanks so much.
Easter blessings to you.

Unknown said...

What a lovely sleeve to the dress with piecing! Very unique and nothing we could buy in the stores. I know my morning refreshment is coming to this blog as well. I like the idea of daily email also. A lot of things available for us to use to encourage one another.

Lydia said...

I got the "Mothet" dress finished amd the daughter dress as well. Pictures will follow soon.

Laura Lane said...

This is brilliant! I had to cut my last dress' skirt narrower to save fabric for sleeves. It just doesn't hang like I wish it did.

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