Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Courtesy and Kindness

The bouquet from the Dollar Tree, which I included in the previous post, was such a nice bright spot that I got some more,  although a solid color rather than the variegated, for the dining table, above.  I used a glass salad bowl from the Dollar Tree.

I want to also share with you something I got in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby, that only cost a couple of dollars at half price:
This consisted of a card with two wired loops of faux pearls, which are wedding decor. I found them to be perfect for tie-backs on my curtains.

It is coming up on Valentines Day, which here in the US is for EVERYONE, not just sweethearts. Looking in the card section of Dollar Tree you can see the labels above the heart cards: for Daughter, Granddaughter,  Mother, Mother in Law, Sister, Brother, Dad, Son, ---did I leave anyone out? Well, not the card companies--they included everyone!  And as per usual I am  not going to be on time with the seasons food, decor, cards and such, but I do have those red flowers from Dollar Tree, which of course I have now spread EVERYWHERE in my house, including the bathroom. 


Today I was discussing with someone the attitude which some people have that is is okay to attack people who have public blogs or people who are famous, or public figures.

Maybe you saw, a few years ago, a famous person - whether a political figure or a celebrity of some sort, I am not sure-- greeting a people in a crowd. As he was shaking hands, someone from their midst threw water in his face.  

It seems fair game to attack public figures, but just because they are online or have a public presence in their town, does not make them targets for cruelty.

The Bible teaches us to be courteous. In common language, it means polite and mannerly. 

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32

I know there is an attitude going around that anyone on a public blog just "opens them up to cruelty" but that is not true. If someone has a social media page, and it is open to the public, is that an invitation to rudeness and cruelty? Other less enlightened people might behave boorishly to them, but we who have a different set of values should not.
 We must also teach our children and others around us that people in public are not "inviting" other people to abuse them.  We all go out, don't we? We are seen in the grocery store and the library, the post office and other places. It is not, like uncouth people will claim, "putting yourself out there" open to attack.

 We are not to be rude to the employees when we frequent businesses in town.  We are not to make their work harder than it is by being difficult and discourteous.  
Sadly this sometimes comes into the home, when sour moods disrupt others.  We must remember that of all places, home has to be a refuge from the cruelty "out there," and if it is not, where can the family turn?  If home is not kept free of insulting, accusing, blaming, punishing, jealousy, suspicion, personal attacking, and resentment, there is no where else to go for comfort and relief and acceptance. 
There was not much progress made outside of regular housework, today, in my sewing or any other interests.  I did make my own tortillas...

 ...but didn't get a picture of them loaded with all the good things. There is a video and recipe here  but there are also others with different ingredients. Lard is available at your local grocery store but I used avocado oil in these because it is what I have on hand.

You can find a recipe for mixing the dough, online. I guarantee they are not as "rubbery" as the commercial ones, which are also full of "ingredients" that might not all be good for you. These have only unbleached flour, salt, oil and water and are cooked in a small amount of avocado oil. I highly recommend making your own, as it is quick and easy and much better taste that enhances the flavor of the other foods wrapped in the tortilla. Home made tortillas are easy to chew and digest; just old fashioned good taste and good feeling all around.

There is no sewing report as no progress was made, except that I cut out another coat, and hopefully can show soon. I'm in a race to finish before the cold weather ends.


Lynn said...

How great you are making homemade tortillas - I didn't know of anyone who has done that. Nor even know where to find a recipe to do that myself. I guess on line is the place to go. Did you do that? You make them sound very temptingly good!

Lydia said...

I have added a link to a tortilla recipe within the post. I don't use whole grain flour because it's harder to digest, especially for children abd harder to chew, plus the oxalate content of whole grains is harder on kidneys and sinuses. You can look up a list of low oxalate flours online. Apparently Einkorn flour is easier on the membranes and digestion too. I use unbleached flour, King Arthur brand.

Lynn said...

I too use the King Arthur brand...

Feminine Belle said...

Made my homemade tortillas from the recipe on the flour which had a dove on it. Let's just say, they did not last more than 3 days out from making them. Now I cheat and use the already made flour tortillas from the store and cook them instead.

I will say I need go get back into that *habit* of homemade tortillas once more though.

I sift my King Arthur All purpose. :-)

Feminine Belle said...

@ Lynn Maust

Might want to try White Wings Flour. Do you have something like that where you are? It has a dove on it. The recipe is super easy to follow! :-)

Hestia said...

I don't understand why people like to be so mean online. There is no need to be nasty.

Oh, you have inspired me to make some homemade tortillas next week! I try to cook three times a week for me and my parents. I will try this!

Lydia said...

From Diana:

People can be very mean and for no reason other than they disagree. So, I wanted to say, “Thank you!” I stumbled across your blog in 2005 and have been reading since. It’s opened a whole new world to me. I finally feel at home. I want to be feminine and take care of my home. You helped me see that it’s still a high and valid calling. I am no longer ashamed to be femine. I am single so must work, but one of my happiest days was when a colleague gave me the nickname Lily because I was so ladylike. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! And, thank you for persevering. on Courtesy and Kindness
at 6:11 PM

Diana: thank you. Some ladies only had a sewing blog and before long were receiving terrible comments as well as blogs designed only to run them down. I couldn't believe such nice interests such as sewing or scrapbooking got so much hate. People were dedicating whole blogs to running them down. I can only suspect they were getting paid for it. Who would put so much effort into a hate blog for nothing?