Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sewing Report 2: Green Coat

We had an interesting weekly Ladies Bible Class today, which I will try to summarize at the end of this chapter.

This is the scarf I wore around my shoulders (from Dollar Tree) because try as I might I couldn't seem to get the house warm enough that early in the morning.  It rained and rained, was overcast  and dark, but that scarf color was such a bright spot. 

I turned on all the battery candles and we enjoyed singing, hot tea and lunch, as well as a very mutually edifying discussion of the chapter we are reading at this point. One of the ladies commented that it was hard being a homemaker if you didn't have the support of others, and that was one reason that we all needed to come to the ladies class each week and enjoy the fellowship and the shared beliefs.

Yesterday I got a second wind (energy) in the evening and finished the outer sections of this fleece coat. I still have to attach the cuffs and buttons and lining.  Usually I get sleepy as soon as it is dark but not last night. This project interested me enough to keep me going. 

I felt just like I did when I was a teenager trying to finish sewing something to wear the next day. I remember the feeling of freedom and creativity sewing my own clothes. The possibilities were unlimited: need a skirt? Sew it today and wear it tomorrow. And I developed in those days the mood dressing I have described to you here so often: dressing to go with the occasion, the scenery, the weather. Someone on this blog told me I was the only person they ever heard of that developed a fog fashion.  We must try to think of possibilities. I knew a lady who dressed to match her dinnerware colors at mealtimes, and I thought she really knew how to get some delight out of life in the ways that often go unnoticed and unappreciated. 

I had to remember to mark all the little things, such as the extra button indicated by the X on this pattern piece.

The marking was for the button on the left, shown on the instruction sheet here:

At the start of a sewing or cooking project it is good to sit down and relax and read the instructions so you know where you are going with it, and what comes next, etc. and don't overlook details.  Sometimes even neglecting the smallest step can ruin the whole thing or make it more difficult.

Because I had not marked that X when the pattern was on the fabric, I had to lay the pattern on the finished garment and go back and mark the button location with one of these sewing pencils; chalk pencils. It can be done with chalk too, but both kinds of markings will eventually fade, so I had to re-mark the button holes.

The instruction sheet required stop-stitching.

To sew a straight line of top stitching, I guided one edge of the presser foot along the seam for a guide, as you see above.

Mr. S. said the top stitching made it look like something from Cabellas, and I think it makes the coat look designer and expensive.

Because I get the pattern pieces out and check the notches, markings, circles, and printed instructions, I keep them inside a zip lock bag in jumbled array.  After I have finished the project I will iron the pieces on light iron, no steam, fold them and put them back in the envelop if I can do it without tearing the envelope.  And I may still keep the whole lot in a zip lock bag. They fit just fine in my pattern drawer.

Well now you see how cute and cozy this kelly green coat is looking, and why it kept me up until midnight. 

I hope you are not tired of this green stuff, because I still have the hat and the purse to finish.

I don't know if you can see the pockets, but they are not on the sides of the coat. Instead, they are on the  front seam between the front and the side front, which I found is a lot more comfortable when using. You can see here the satin lining in the pocket and the top stitching around it. Doesn't it look neat? 

Notice the pockets.

I have made several mistakes on this coat but with fleece, I find it not worth it to unpick anything, since sometimes it just makes holes in the fabric. It has the texture of felted wool, and the stitches embed so deeply inside the fibers that it is better just to let the mistake lie where it is.  

Because I want to wear this coat tonight to something Mr. S. is attending, I am going to have to do the Ladies Bible Class summary later. I hope you don't mind.  Who minds anything when they are sewing something in kelly green. Its not as if it were sackcloth.

Mr. S. has a special protective velcro padded shoe he sloughs around in and he sounds like a Sasquatch in the swamp, with the sounds of squishing and clomping when he walks. However today when I cleaned the wound, packed it and wrapped it, it looked a lot more civilized.  He is feeling his freedom again and I can't keep up with him.

If you missed what happened to him, you have to go back to December the 4th or thereabouts on this blog.

Before I go, I wanted to show you how I've kept these trees on for a bit of festivity and extra light.  I know someone who has a collection like this in her family room and she keeps it there all year long.


Laura Jeanne said...

I look forward to seeing how your coat looks on you, together with the matching hat and purse. I think it's wonderful that you go to the effort of making outfits that are just to your liking. It's inspiring to me, and some day when I am not in the thick of homeschooling and have the time for projects like this, I intend to do the same!

Kathy said...

I wish I had the courage to try to sew a coat! I have had a longing for a coat similar to the one you are making. It reminds me of the coats ladies wore when I was growing up in the late 60s, or early 70s... I remember our pastor's wife having a pretty colored coat she had made. I loved it and the fabrics of these coats. I was so happy to see you making this, and also the pink one you have. I may just have to try it myself, even though I usually stick to much simpler sewing projects.

I enjoy reading about your adventures with Mr. S. Your posts always make me smile!

With love, Kathy in California

Lydia said...

Kathy, If I can finish this one in a reasonable time frame, I will be trying to make another one in a different color. I will use an easier pattern.

Janet W. said...

Hi Lydia,
it’s so good reading your posts again. My husband and I have been game fencing our new orchard/ garden so I’ve not had much time for Internet.
My you have been very industrious. What a beautiful job you’ve done on those coats! I do hope you will model them for us. I believe I have that very same pattern- still unused. And I noticed your new sewing machine. How do you like it?
The photos of your living room look so cheery and peaceful. Thank you for sharing. It’s always so encouraging to hear from you.
Blessings, Janet Westrup

Amy B said...

Oh, your coat is coming along so well and looking absolutely beautiful! I love the green—perfect for holding off the dreary grey weather this time of year likes to bring. Yay for kind dentists and healing husbands, too.

Lynn said...

I read all my emails this morning, saving yours for last...the best. So I am now about to read and enjoy your coat post.

Lynn said...

The lit trees are SO pretty....I would keep them on all year too! Your green coat is really going to be pretty and I look forward to seeing you in it. The topstitching is really excellent too. Your cozy plaid you kept warm in is pretty does add a touch of cheer. I wish we had a group such as yours in my town! It would be so nice to be able to weekly spend time with friends in someone's house having lunch, a Bible study...all that you do there.

Homemaker's Heart said...

It is so beautiful! I look forward to seeing it on you.
I agree with the woman in your Bible Study class. I have searched high and low near me for other Christian homemakers, especially those home without children, and haven't found one yet. I have found a few homemakers, but they want to chat about the neighbors, and I'm not into that.
I look forward to hearing what your discussion was about. I will make tea and sit down to read it as if I were there :-).
Can I just add, I love Mr S's comment to you about your stitching and how it lifted you up. It is so important, even in the little things.

Have a lovely day,

Paula said...

Your coat is very lovely. I really like that kelly green. I have never heard of matching clothes to scenery either, but I think it is so charming. You are very inspring! It is good to hear Mr. S is doing so well, also. The stories you tell about him and your adventures together are always enjoyable to read!

Lynn said...

I too will be reading your about the discussion you had ...with a cup of tea in hand. :-)

Stephanie said...

Good evening, sweet Lydia! My oh my, what a delightful coat! Green is one of my most favorite colors and the color of your coat is quite striking. I agree with the other lovely are very inspiring.

I hope your New Year is off to a blessed start. Sending love and hugs your way.

Lydia said...

Hi Stephanie, you are so cute. Yes that Green is an enlivening color, isn't it!

Lydia said...

Lynn, I had not anticipated we would have to go out today and so I arrived home with not enough time to write more about the class. I'm still sewing buttons and button holes, the lining and the hem on that coat because I don't want it to end up being a 5 year project. Sometimes in the winter I start something and then the weather gets better and I go on to a summer outfit, so the item gets stashed away til the next year. I'm determined to get this finished and that's why I haven't written much of a post.

Jennifer Williams said...

Your new coat is lovely! What a delightful color, and the fleece is heavenly to wear, I'm sure. I can't wait to see a photo of you in the coat. ;-) Blessings, Jennifer

Lydia said...

Paula, Traditional Simplicity, Amy, Janet: So glad you like the color! We have these lovely green pastures around here but the skies are so dark. Sewing a color keeps my mood cheerful.

Texas Mom said...

What a beautiful green coat!