Friday, January 18, 2019

Sewing Report 3: Green Coat

The cuffs are finished and after some needed housework catch-up, I hope to add the buttons.

The pattern did not feature cuffs but they balance the look of the coat, and I may add a border cuff to the hem to give the coat weight in the wind

Instead of stitched button holes on this fabric, I am considering making buttonholes with ribbon as binding around them. I will practice on a scrap of the fabric first. This is ribbon from the dollar store.

The coat wasn't finished but I wore it because we had to do some errands and it was a good time to get a picture of it by the obliging field.  The rain and wind were formidable and definitely did not want me out there today. Without buttons to close the coat it was hard to stay dry but Mr. S. quickly took a picture while he sat safely in the car.  Already the color of the grass has gone darker than the shade of green fabric  I chose to go with. 

Without the lining, yet to be stitched in, the coat does not hang as smoothly as it will, so check back and see me here later with the finished product. 

While we were in Walmart getting more bandages and other things, I looked at the fabric and picked two more colors I want to make coats from, and I will try to remember to get pictures when I am there again. One is aqua and another is berry pink which is almost red.

I'm looking forward to getting the floors swept and kitchen cleaned so I can settle in and finish this coat. 

On the final post I will post fabric description and prices.


Amy B said...

It is so beautiful! Congratualtions! A perfect color to brighten the day.

A. Law said...

I love your coat, Lydia!
You are very talented!
Aline L.

Lynn said...

Great to see how it's coming along! It looks beautiful with the green in the field.

Jennifer Williams said...

What a talented and inspiring lady you are. The coat is lovely! :-)

Emmarinda said...

This is really beautiful, Lydia. Love the color of the field with that coat - how delightful! I very much appreciate reading your posts and being so encouraged in my walk.

Homemaker's Heart said...

It is so pretty. I love the color! I am so inspired by how, through the years, you take what the season is and make dresses and coats. You are very talented.

I don't have much confidence to follow a pattern - even though I took Home Ec on Junior High and High school. I am much better at designing my own from scratch paper. But I still don't do clothes! I wish I could sit and watch over your shoulder. I learn from watching.

I am currently working on a new apron that I made the pattern, but it is too wide so I have just made the lines to trim it inward.

I love thinking up simple stitching that I can pair buttons with, so I am going to make a flower on off fabric and use a button for the middle. Then stitch that on the front of the apron. I have a whole can of my grandmas button's I use for various projects.

My husband bought be a watch one year (many years ago) that is made from Victorian dress buttons. Very pretty!

Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Peace be with you,

Unknown said...

Your lovely winter coat is beautiful.I can see your heart in every stitch.

Lydia said...

Thanks for your input ladies. I made the hat yesterday but wasn't satisfied with it so will try again. I have yet to make buttonholes and add hem cuff.

Lydia said...

Today is planned for a few other things but I hope to finish coat and get a picture under a matching Kelly green umbrella in the pouring rain. In winter it rains here every day.