Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sewing Report 1: Green Coat

Above: this is one of those vinyl bags from Dollar Tree. People are buying these to frame as pictures because they are so classic pretty. 

Good Day, Dear Ones,

The main pieces and the lining of the green fleece (polar fleece, which is an acrylic fabric) coat, hat and bag have been cut out.  

I am using these three patterns for the coat, hat and bag.  I sometimes get patterns when they are 99 cents even if I do not like the style, if it has some other thing in it I might find useful such as a sleeve, a bag, a belt, etc. Although I didn't plan on making the dress in the lower pattern here, I use the purse pattern. 

Haven't sewn a stitch yet but at least I'm looking at it. 

Mr. S. is really on the mend now and has gone out to the Chamber of Commerce meeting and and is paying some bills and looking at a comfortable chair at Bi-Mart that I told him about. When that store gets down to the last item, they write "last one" and reduce the price quite a bit. We just need to find someone to haul it for us if he gets it. I hope he will, because Grandma's chair has served its time, although I don't believe its all up with its usefulness. It just wont do in the living room anymore. We will move it to a bedroom.

My shopping around for just the right buttons was seriously curtailed when I began this project, as I was always time-limited so I didn't have hours to browse for unique buttons like I did when I was selecting the buttons for this pink fleece coat, below.  I got the only big green buttons available at Walmart, which were under $2.00. I will give you a price list when I post the final picture of the finished coat.

You may remember you sent pink rose buttons after I discovered the fabric store only had one of them (and the total of 8 buttons would have cost as much as the coat fabric). They are a well liked plastic rose and as soon as a shipment came in, they were sold, so some of you went to your local JoAnns and got me one!  You are TOO generous. I've almost worn out this coat but I will save the buttons if it ever comes to that.

Early last year I found a cloth purse at Walmart that matched this coat.

 I did manage to briefly go in to Dollar Tree for some kitchen essentials.  I peeked at the sticker selection and found this.  I brought it home and hung it by my desk:

This makes a good subject to talk about today.  I like these: "In all things, it is better to hope than to despair" and "Don't lose hope. You never know what tomorrow may bring." 

Hebrews 6:19 says that hope we have as a steadfast anchor to the soul..  

When an anchor is lowered from a boat, it prevents the vessel from being swept away to danger. It anchors it in one place. No matter how it is tossed about, it stays where the anchor keeps it.

So I hope to be back soon  when I think of something to say about it.  Don't worry I'm not getting  daft yet. I just need to get some things done around the house first, and sew a bit on that green coat. But you may comment if you like and give your insight.

I put this picture here to remind me to get that coat sewn while the color still goes with, before the field turns brown.

Here is an update on Mr. S.  He is doing so well and the doctors here encourage him not to get dependent upon aids like canes and walkers, etc. so Mr. S. says he is glad he lives in this small house where there are so many storage boxes and so much old furniture about that he can never fall. There is always something to hang on to. And when I encourage him to think "up" and think of all the things he can do, he reminds me that he just had surgery. In two years when people ask him how he is doing, he will probably say, "I just had surgery, two years ago."  That's like me saying the reason I am so behind in my housework is because I had a baby...forty five years ago.

Anyway, he says he is going to have a epitaph put on his tombstone that says, "I tried to tell her I was sick but she didn't believe me."

I mentioned in a previous post that as long as I have known him, I still can't predict what he will say and what angle it will come from. 

His dentist likes him so much that he unlocked his office at 10 p.m. to fix a tooth so he could preach the next day (Sunday) without a whistling sound.  And when Mr. S. said one of his one-liners, the dentist forgave him his entire debt.

Mr. S. had a seriously good sermon that Sunday that he was encouraged by people to put it in a booklet form, which is doing right now. I'm so grateful to his parents for their careful upbringing and attention to his soul.  He has such a strong foundation in the Lord and cannot be moved. You wouldn't ever see him having such a thing as a meltdown (unlike me).  His mother was a very patient, practical Scots woman who also liked to laugh.


Songsparrowgarden said...

What a beautiful post!! Greetings Lydia. . I've been out of touch for a long time . . too much to handle, even for me. . but now hopefully am doing better and will have a bit more time to read what you say which is always lovely.

Sounds like your husband has had some issues - - I was unaware - - but you make it so funny. Yes, they do hang onto things. . forever.

Your sewing projects sound so fun. I've not sewn in forever it seems and am hoping to begin again soon. What you say made me laugh. . thank you for making my Thursday morning cheery. . No you're not daft. . . but a truly lovely human being. .

Lydia said...

Hi Christine, after that accolade from you, the invitation is open to come see me any time😊. Yes you have been gone from this blog too long. You will have to begin at the December posts since Mr. S. Went into hospital on that day.After that post it's been a running log of his recovery and his sharp humor. After foot surgery it affected his mind 😊

Lydia said...

December 4 was the day he went to hospital so scroll back to that day

Lynn said...

The 'hope' stickers are so good....a great encouragement for me right now....