Monday, June 29, 2020

Home is a Comfort Zone, Worth Being In, Refinement #2

Picture from one of my rooms with a view.

Refinement Class:

Dressing your best at home.
A meal at the table.
Eating and swallowing silently.
Appointments with yourself
Making home a comfort zone
Talk to someone without criticizing.
Watch a sunset.
Listen to the song posted here, until you can sing along.
Worship during the week (sing, pray, dwell on the scripture)

Please indicate in comments if you were able to watch my video (the one above, with the teacup) on your device. 


Dawn E. Brown said...

Good morning Lydia.Not sure why,but it says I can't listen to this,my browser didn't recognize it.I have always been able to listen up to this one .Any ideas? I love tuning into this as I go about my work.Blessings,Dawn E. Brown

Lydia said...

Good morning Dawn. I just turned on my phone and went to youtube and it said the same thing!! But on the blog, it played the video okay. Not sure what happened!Try it again every now and then and see if it plays. I also went back to youtube after the message (that my browser did not recognize it) and it started working.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I really look forward to your visits with us. You put forth a great deal of effort to consistently give us encouragement and instruction. I am GRATEFUL!!๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading the excerpts from Taylor Caldwell. What a perceptive young woman to discern the folly of feminism back in the 1920’s. I will be sharing this with others and referring back to this insightful article again and again.

I periodically get notifications from Social Security that I will not be eligible for any assistance since I haven’t worked enough hours outside of my home. Little do they know we are laying up treasures in heaven through our careers as homemakers, wives, and mothers. The rewards are eternal.

I am making an appointment to do some writing today and to finish stitching names on a wedding sampler I sewed. You kept my mind occupied while I took care of all the daily work and disinfected some areas around the home.

Always a pleasure to welcome you in my home with these wonderful videos, Lydia.


Laura Jeanne said...

Hello Lydia. I could watch the video just fine on both my tablet and on my PC. However, when I looked it up on Youtube and then tried to follow the link in the description to your blog, it told me the page didn't exist. Not sure why.

I read the Taylor Caldwell essay many years ago. I agreed with it then and I agree with it now. Feminism has not brought any benefits of real worth to women. The labour of a family used to be divided fairly evenly, but now women work much harder than men because they go out all day and then come home and do most of the housework and child care. And as the essay pointed out, women are objectified much worse in the modern era than before, when they were put on a pedestal. Studies have shown that in the 1950s, women's general level of happiness was much higher than today - yet we are supposed to believe those traditional housewives were oppressed and depressed. It's all rubbish.

I am enjoying the challenge of your refinement assignments. I don't know if I will be able to find the time to create a newsletter (I am so busy in the garden right now), but I am working on all the other assignments. :)

Lydia said...

I am so enjoying each radio episode and the lessons therein. Thank you for listing the things covered in each Refinement class, which serve as "at-a-glance" reminders.
Recently I watched a glorious sunset and took a picture of it to share with a loved one.
I smiled when I saw the apron pattern you showed ~ I have the same one. :-)
The tune on your playlist "Under His Wings" keeps playing in my mind ~ I want to get the words memorized so I can sing along.
I was able to watch this video on my ipad without any problems.
~ Lynnea

Dianne said...

Yes....just watching now and able to view video! :)

Emmarinda said...

Hello Lydia,

I watched the video on the tv (youtube) while I cleaned up last night. Your perspectives on the subjects at hand are not often verbalized and I always come away with a good deal to think on. Thank you for that. I tried walking around the room, heel to toe, last night and indeed, what a different, forgotten feeling that was. I will be practicing that one and remembering to sip, too! The 1960's were a great time, I agree. Things around the house did improve in terms of convenience. I remember coming home from school one day in 1962 to find a matching set of new furniture my mother had purchased and it was real maple wood with upholstered cushions. In 1964 we got our first clothes dryer, too, which made a big difference as we lived up north where they would have to hang clothes in the basement all the long winter. Our first color tv, however, did not arrive till 1970 and a window unit air conditioner and a dishwasher followed that in the mid-70's. I remember these dates because of the events which were happening in my life at that time. Regarding feminism: how prescient Caldwell was in what she wrote. Things have dreadfully unfolded just as she had imagined about the coarsening of men's behavior towards women. But what she didn't see is that things have turned out much worse. Men are no longer looking for a sweet, innocent girl to marry because A). there are next to none of those any longer, B) men don't even desire marriage, and perhaps worst of all, C) countless women have been so deluded that they tell themselves they don't, either and that "careers" and sex without consequences are the two most important things in the world. It is a loathsome state in which we find ourselves today. I am backing off the from the news and social media for all the reasons you gave, but what is the most troubling is to see these young women on the streets, full of ugly tattoos and piercings, hysterically yelling and screaming obscenities, and confronting the police or pulling down statues like insane banshees. Never was the title, the monstrous regiment of women, so apt and appropriate. How has it come to all this? If this comment is too negative, forgive me and do not post it, as I would certainly understand. I guess the main difference between the "turbulent" 60's and now is that at least then, we had for the most part, intact families with a father who protected and provided and a mother at home keeping us sane, safe and grounded.

Lydia said...

My clearest memory of the 1960's is the spiritual growth and enthusiasm of churches!! Young people loved going to church and meeting other people their age, and usually married someone in the congregation. The churches grew in number too, and we had many activities other than Sunday worship , which were better than anything around. There were not many other types of social things going on to compete!

Joy said...

I have a daughter named Lynaya. I wonder if you pronounce your name the same way. I’m curious about the origin. We got the name from a Hawian family we saw on family feud. ๐Ÿ˜Š