Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dress, Work, Create

Rain tea is on the menu today.



Quiltladyofky said...

Happy Lord’s Day,Lady Lydia
I have this exact same book and I love it. So beautiful to look at and love the thoughts she shares. I cherish all of her books and these are so pretty that I keep them in my bedroom for my personal enjoyment. She was such a sweet spirit. Blessings to you and the Mr. today.

Lydia said...

Thank you Jeanie, I hope you are doing well. Emilie was a treasure and her works are left for us to learn from.

Christine said...

First off, I listened to this video while DEEP cleaning my refrigerator AND freezer!!!
The refrigerator is spotless!
The process went by so quickly and without frustration!

I know I've said this before but these videos are so comforting and refreshing.
I always look forward to listening to you.

(I might take up yodeling)

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

The photo depicting “rain tea” fits the occasion here this Monday morning! Thunderstorms and lots of rain greeted me early this morning. It poured so furiously that I have little lakes dotted here and there throughout my yardMy spirit was not dampened when I listened in on another homemaker radio video today. It helps me to keep pushing through on completing even the most disagreeable tasks. Just the sound of your voice in the background helps me to plod on.

I have read a few of Emily’s books. She was some kind of Superwoman, don’t you think!? However, I recalled your words of wisdom when it comes to being tempted to compare ourselves to others... Simply put, you said,”Do what you can, ladies.” Our best efforts will not look like anyone else’s best. Emily’s schedule seemed so full,and it took her away from the home for extended periods. Nonetheless, I believe her heart was truly in her home; she loved sharing what she was passionate about. That’s exactly what you’re doing, too, Lydia! I can’t thank you enough!🙂

God bless,

Lydia said...

So true, Holly. And her works live on after her. She was all for the home and family.

Lydia said...

Christine, I benefit knowing what you do during the length of the video. The fridge and the freezer are not favorite chore with many people but it’s handy to have something to listen to.

Laura Jeanne said...

Hello Lydia. I watched this video today while I made beef stroganoff for supper. It was just the right length for me to get supper on the table. I really liked what you said about teaching the children our family history. I hadn't really thought about that. Homeschoolers typically read a lot of history books - and certainly there's nothing wrong with learning world history, but perhaps a family's own history is even more important. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I think it might be fun to write a book for my children of our family's history. I could print out a copy for each of them.

Ashley said...

Hello lady Lydia,

I listen to your videos while doing housework all the way from the Netherlands. You really encourage me as a young mother in various ways. I really benefit from the support and inspiration. Being a homemaker full-time is getting rare these days (at least where I live) and I feel people are not taking our job too serious these days.
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you. Also, your house looks so pretty with all the white and flowery details... :-)

I also love the showing of your tea cups in the beginning of each video, and you always look so elegant in pretty colored clothing.
Thank you for the inspiration and wise advice!