Saturday, October 31, 2020

Homemaker Challenge 6

Please enjoy listening while you go about your home keeping today.

The video ends rather abruptly. We are fixing that problem soon!

Today's Challenges: 
Find a sit-in-a-chair exercise and follow as best you can.
Make a list and do everything on it.
Clean out something you use every day, such as your personal care container.
Read something aloud.

Very fine weather today.

By now you should be able to make your own homemaking challenge for one day.

This bright moonlight made a nice glow on the road.

The clothing I wore in the video:

This was an outfit I bought 20 years ago, natural fibers, very comfortable. It was used as semi formal wear back in the day, but it works well for the home.


Lydia said...

Having trouble posting:

Okay Lydia, the challenge is on. I am bound to put my hands flat on the floor above my toes! I’m listening to you while I do my stretches. It’s wonderful how you continue to “stretch” yourself in so many ways, mostly in the mind, but the physical challenge is quite motivating just now. Thank you!

Joy Doomy
Director of Women’s Ministry
Outreach to Asia Nationals
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lynn maust said...

The picture of the moon, trees and lawn is really pretty.

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, Your hair looks so beautiful and I love your bangs on you they are so flattering. Thank you for another upload and the blog photos are LOVELY. You are so motivating and helpful. It’s like you were born to do Homemakers Radio you are so well spoken.

Lydia said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,
Your videos uplift, inspire and greatly encourage. They are a true labor of love for which I am grateful. I save your videos for when I have a sink full of dishes or a pile of laundry to fold. I’m always amazed at how quickly the chore goes and how pleasant it is with your good company. God bless you today.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am really enjoying your videos. Since you spoke, a few weeks ago, about the video from Edeilweiss fashions I tried that and got wore out! But had fun. Thanks for the company while I go about my to do list.

Hugs to you and wishing you peace,

PS Saw a picture last weekend that had a full moon and said "I left the light on for you. Signed~ God" I thought that was cute.

Lydia said...

Dee I love that “meme”!!!!! Very good!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Another great video full of wonderful tips and advice for making our days at home run smoothly. I appreciate the things you shared that have helped you be more efficient such as: pick it up, don’t pass it by; clean as you go; don’t worry or hurry through a job; dress up for the home; wear an apron when you’re working. These helpful pointers can’t be emphasized enough. I am also learning the wisdom of making a list. It gives one a sense of accomplishment to cross jobs off after they’re completed and helps to get us going on the next task at hand. I usually make 2 lists. One is for immediate, essential tasks, and the other is my master list. I notice as I grow older, a list helps balance my mind and keeps me focused. Lastly, my curiosity has been sparked to check out some of the critical thinking books you have been reading from.

A big hearty thanks for making my days at home more pleasant and productive.


Lydia said...

Holly, thank you for your perfect summaries!! I'll have to paste some of them on to the posts.


Laura Jeanne said...

I watched this video tonight while I made supper. I have to say, that the painting of roses, with the vase of similarly colored roses in front, looks just beautiful! You really have a gift for decoration. Is the painting a real oil painting? It's lovely.