Thursday, October 08, 2020

Keep Hope and Optimism in Your Home Life

Welome. I hope you get a few things accomplished with today's radio program.

Pleasant weather we are having here:

Hoffman Media special issues have lovely photos. The back covers are always
a visual delight.



Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Happy to listen in on another Homemaker radio class. I am always blessed by your talks.😊

I keep a Homemaking journal, and I recorded a quote from you: “If we can only look at this work of the home as an opportunity, not a suffering or punishment, it will become a labor of love and a work of art.” Thank you for helping homemakers of all ages strive to make our homes the best that we can. All labor brings good results. Another word of encouragement came from the book of Psalms to me this morning: “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands...” (psalm 90:17a). It was good to hear your message conclude with scripture reminding us to do all our work as unto the Lord—and to do it with all our might. It really transforms our attitude and thinking about things when we have a higher purpose and meaningful reason behind why we do what we do.

I found The Emily Barnes’ books on Perhaps that will help some listeners to purchase them there. They are slightly used and comparable to the prices at thrift books website.

Grateful for your company while I worked today.


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Janine said...

I remember attending an Emilie Barnes class at a church when I was a teenager. I loved it and still have her notes. I have many of the books you mentioned, as well. My mom and I made one of her special cloth covered boxes and I'm still using it 35 years later!

Laura Lane said...

I always enjoy visiting you. Please visit me at
Blessings to you. It's late, so I will listen during housework.😊

Lydia said...

Laura I enjoyed your blog very much! It is delightful.