Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Homemaker Challenge #1

Hello Ladies,

I present a special homemaking challenge today which will be
described below the video.


Todays Challenge:

1.Good, Lovely and Wise Thoughts:  Substitute any  dreary thoughts or fears with thoughts of
 how you want things to be,
what you'd like to see,
and good things you want for yourself and your family

2.  Unclutter: Remove things that don't belong, remove things in crowded areas, for a spacious, streamlined look to your home.

3. Five minutes for exercises of your choice, and remember to breathe.

4. Make a list for the next day of things you'd like to accomplish or experience in your home.


April in El Paso said...


Thank you so much for the love and encouragement in the videos, it is wonderful to have a Christian sister to visit with and learn from.

April in El Paso

Hartslove said...

Hi Mrs. Sherman. I'm just beginning to listen to your "lesson" dated 13 October 2020. I just wanted to pause and let you know how much I like the challenge you've included. This is my first time seeing one of the listed challenges here (lately I've been tuning in via YouTube, but I decided to come back over to your Homeliving blog this time to get away from some of the unsettling streams over on YouTube). I enjoy visiting with you while I work or go for a walk. Before the changes of 2020, when I was working at an office building, I used to listen to you during my drive home after the long Metrorail ride. Your talks were especially nice and reassuring during late fall and winter, when nightfall comes as early as 5:30PM. (We're still a week or so from that, I think.) I've adapted your challenges and made a print-out so I can refer to it, and I have the reference at the bottom so I remember it is from you. Warm regards, Alexine

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

You shared a plethora of good, sound advice for homemakers, young and old. I agree and have witnessed the wisdom of having all ages working and fellowshipping together instead of the modern trend of segregation. We all learn from one another and, more importantly, need one another.

I have company today, so cleaning has taken a backseat to cooking. You kept my mind alert while I chopped and prepped for meals. You even talked long enough for me to make 2 different batches of muffins.

I like the idea of being our own teacher— whether it’s in an exercise/ fitness plan, cooking, decorating, sewing, crafting, etc... The internet and video posts like this have opened up a vast array of education to us without having to leave our home. How wonderful is that!!!

Many thanks for today’s broadcast. As always, they bless and educate me.


Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this video while I made supper - turkey stew and dumplings, made from the leftover turkey from Canadian Thanksgiving. I used too much broth and had to boil it down for a long time. Then, when I put the dumplings in I turned down the burner too much and they didn't cook at all so I had to set the timer for another 15 minutes and turned the burner up. Finally the dumplings were cooked, but the stew was burnt on the bottom - and supper was very late! Not my finest moment. :)

I liked the idea of a master list for housekeeping tasks - although the idea of making one is rather daunting. So many things need to be done around here, I might be able to fill up a whole notebook!

Dianne said...

I am always amazed at the number of topics you cover with honest, practical advice. I just love your approach to living, even in regard to gently cleaning around those others of the household who might be relaxing...not causing them to feel guilty or disturbed by our efforts to keep on top of things (and how I do recall those frantic "cleaning days" when I was growing up and how distressing they were...and I have striven not to do that to my own family but rather tried to simply do more like you've described). Your experience when you were a young mother and busy wife of a pastor, of having someone show up at your door midmorning unannounced, catching you at a bad time and then inquire about your emotional health, was just awful and my heart broke for you as a young mother crying so hard in the shower afterwards! Thank God you had the stamina and heart to resume your life that day and beyond, with determination not to let others put silly thoughts and accusations in your head. We are so vulnerable when young (and even when older) and I appreciate the wise warnings you give to all of us women against the type of people who seem to just constantly want to find our weak spots and then pounce on them. And it is true, sometimes we are so afraid to appear as if we "think we have it all together" that we disclose our problems and weaknesses too freely (it seems as if nowadays discretion is perceived as being proud or secretive ...but it is a necessary shield and often wise). I have fallen into that trap so many times and then regretted it later. :( Hearing you discuss these little corners of life that so often are never touched upon by anyone, is very comforting and strengthening. I appreciate both your honesty and your discreet way of referring to things. Your talks are always full of implicit lessons of honor. I'd just like to say, too, that it seems as if a lot of people have hurt you over the years and I think that you have developed such a graceful character through it all and show no bitterness but are like a lovely flower that grows and faces the sun no matter what comes her way. Thank you for the many talks you bring. They are a legacy for your family and help all of ours, too. I fear I have allowed bitterness in my heart too many times (thinking it was giving me strength but it never does!) and listening to your talks on life have been very helpful to me. (This is a long thank you note!!) 😊♥️ From Pennsylvania. 😊

Dianne said...

P.S. I'd just like to say further :) that I appreciate the balanced view you have of "submission to husbands" because many of us have been subjected to too many unrealistic teachings on that topic and it can really set us up for immense feelings of failure just for being human. There is definitely a balance and common sense approach to submission. :) I liked what you said about a passive wife NOT being a very good helpmate. Such a good point and well said.