Thursday, October 29, 2020

Home Challenge #5

Today is the 5th homemaker challenge, and I hope you will make up your own challenges and try to follow them. 


Challenge #5:

Exercise 5 minutes--find a video on YouTube that suits you. I use Fabulous 50's.

Personal care and preparation before beginning the many duties at home.

Create a master list.

Do your daily work (the things most urgent) and add one thing from your master list. 

Put something away that you have been neglecting.

Reduce Anxiety before bed:  Stretch exercise before bed . a relaxing bath, something good to read, 
or a pleasant movie after retiring.

Remember, as I said in the video:  Do not allow your mind to shut down.
Do not allow your muscles to shut down. Do not allow your creativity to shut down.

Here are some videos I like to watch when I have time:

The Princess Home - Soothing and Inspiring
Painting - Sometimes just watching these are relaxing but I hope to actually do one of the paintings soon. 
Living in a Ghost Town - Young man rebuilds an abandoned town
Weather and Climate Sounds -  "The Relaxed Guy" records Rainforests, beaches, rivers, meadows, etc. I listen to them when I have to be indoors doing slow, tedious type work. 

These are the books I read from in the video:

(Please excuse the untimely ending of the video. )

The Shelf


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I am very thankful for every homemaker video. I leave feeling glad and happy to be working and staying at home.

Your advice about not divulging too much information to authorities was sound and good. I remember wondering how I would defend my right to homeschool my children in the 1980’s. I worried unnecessarily about that since God has already given us the freedom and responsibility to teach our own.

Exercising and walking are helping to combat fatigue. I used to drink coffee and an herbal energy concoction. I learned NOT to do that since it eventually exhausts your adrenal glands.

Like you, I only use vinegar for cleaning and laundering. I also love my Norwex cloths, but they are a bit pricey. However, they last a long time and save money in the long run. I also use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting.

It is wonderful to listen and learn from your talks, Lydia. These videos are a treasure trove for the homemaker. While I wait for the next broadcast, I enjoy listening in on the continuous play link you provide. Thank you.


Joyful noise said...

I never get tired of listening to you. I always learn something in each video you make. What a blessing! Thank you so much sister!

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies. Your enthusiasm keeps me going.

Laura Jeanne said...

There was a lot of interesting content in this talk! I listened while I folded laundry - twice - and then I listened to the rest while I ironed out some pattern pieces. I especially appreciated you reading from the book about adrenal fatigue. I think that this is an extremely common problem today - it's what doctors used to commonly diagnose as "nervous exhaustion" - and although there are many things we can do to recover, the main thing is simply to rest. Doctors can't prescribe a drug to treat it so they say it doesn't exist. Our modern medical system is obsessed with drugs and this means that sometimes common sense goes out the window. Not everything can be cured with a medicine; sometimes you just need to slow down and rest and stop trying to do so much. Our modern world moves much too fast for many of us, myself included.

It was also fun to hear you read from The Thinking Toolbox. The copy you have looks exactly like the edition we have, too.