Monday, January 25, 2021

Stewardship at Home

Please enjoy your day at home while you listen:

I read from these two books:

The theme today was about the meaning of stewardship in the home. 

This same video is also available on Rumble.


Laura Lane said...

I did lots of miscellaneous things around the house while I listened including some cooking. Listening motivates me to do more than I might otherwise do.
God bless you!
Laura Lane
Carthage, Missouri

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, thank you again for all of the videos! I love how insightful you are and I laughed about the “we haven’t made a decision yet” because that is so true! Your candid observations are so against our PC culture but needed more than ever. I love that you elevate God’s Word above all and reference our thinking to it so that we are aligned with The Lord. I just finished this video that I started the other day and I am excited on this Monday morning to listen to a new video from you as I get my housework done. So many dishes!! Thank you for being a companion to us ladies at home.