Friday, January 08, 2021

Save Your Mind and Emotions for Your Own Family

Please enjoy your home keeping while you listen to some more ideas for captives today!
The challenges for tomorrow are listed at the end of the post.

Please join me for my personal challenge tomorrow, or substitute your own:

Dress Up
Set the tea table
Make a savory soup
Make a list of necessary work that includes something you would love to do.
Find out what it means to "build one another up" (Ist Thessalonians 5:11)  teach it and apply it to the family.
Save your adrenalin for yourself and your family. Don't give it away to upsetting media reports. Use your time for something beautiful and have something to show for your time.

The room I sat in while broadcasting Homemaking Radio

The outfit I wore:

The card I made:

Books I mentioned:

Christian Charm Course by Emily Hunter
Adrenal Fatigue by James L. Wilson
How to Draw, Paint & Craft With Your Creative Grandkids - ordered from Current catalog online


Lydia said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,

I want to thank you for the encouragement your videos and blogs give me. I made chocolate chip cookies for my family while I listened to you today.

God bless you and Mr. Sherman!

Mrs. Christensen

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

When I made out my list today, one of the things I wrote was to express my gratitude for another edition of homemaker radio. You surely create a lovely atmosphere for your videos with the beautiful rooms & matching outfit and teacups! The personal challenge today is just one of the many ways you continue to “ build us up.” THANK YOU!!!


Christine said...

So sweet! Your charm is so soothing and appealing.
I listened to you today as I watered all my plants and changed the sheets on our bed.
It was a perfect way to do some of my chores.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, your outfit is really pretty today, and it matches the lovely bed behind you perfectly! Is your sweater homemade? It looks so soft and pretty.

Those Childcraft books you mentioned are highly sought after by those of us who collect children's books. There were several different sets put out over the years and you can find all of them on eBay. Is it possible this is the one you had? It's from 1961. (You may have to copy and paste the link)

I've never seen those books in person but I would have adored something like that as a child. I've always been very interested in art and crafts as long as I can remember. My next project (aside from sewing, I have about a dozen of those in queue) is to make a braided rug out of old t-shirts. My 9 year old daughter is similarly interested in crafts and I'm so happy to see that. She's always working on something. Lately she's discovered you can make many things using a hot glue gun - she molds shoes for her dolls out of the glue and then paints them with nailpolish! :)

April in El Paso said...

Lydia, thank you so much for the beautiful video , I can’t thank you enough for your teachings and kind heart to share your love with us.

Be blessed,
April in El Paso

Michele said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

I haven't commented much but I wanted you to know that I faithfully listen to every video and I am so blessed by them! I love listening to you when I am doing my daily home keeping which would be everything from my everyday cleaning to making our bed, doing dishes, laundry, dusting, washing the floor and just about everything except vacuuming for the obvious. I love to peak at your lovely teacups and how you match them with your dress for the day and you are such in inspiration to me as I want to begin everyday dressed nicely and ready for work. We are from the same era and also homeschooled our children who are now parents and homeschooling their own children. I have enjoyed learning so many things from you. I have always had a love for homekeeping and I take it very seriously. I love having an orderly home and I don't know many places today where you can confess that without getting strange looks. May the Lord bless you and your family! I look forward to more wonderful videos.

Mrs. G. said...

Dearest Mrs. Sherman,
This video was so encouraging! I spent the time ironing and hanging up clothes and putting clean
sheets on the beds. I feel confident and recharged after being homeschooled by you. I especially love when you tell about your children when they were young. Makes me smile as I work. God bless you and Mr. S
With love Lauren