Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Paper Bag Covers

Hello.  I have mentioned the many uses of paper bags in the home, particularly the strong thick grocery bags. We are all getting a good stash of these, so today I am showing one of the uses.

I am using the tiny gift size bags but you can use the bigger bags with this innovative craft.
Fold the upper edge of the bag to the inside, and then crease the folded part with your hands to have a smooth edge.

Make a lifting “handle” by doubling a flower or a heart and pasting part of it flat on the top of the bag, with another doubly glued piece for lifting. 
For those of you who have sturdy scrapbooking card stock weight papers, a single layer will be strong enough for the handle.

Here’s how the folded bag looks on the inside.

I used these to cover individual plates of food when I’m preparing a tea. It keeps tea sandwiches from dying out while I wait for the guests.

This idea might work for other things, too.

I hope to talk to you soon!



Homemaker's Heart said...

Hi Lydia, You are so creative! I love this idea, especially for keeping things protected on the counter. I have an extra paper bag and I am going to make the project this weekend. I'll let you know!

Janine said...