Monday, January 04, 2021

Expect the Best at Home

Greetings Everyone,

Please enjoy your homemaking while you listen to today's video.

Here are some points I mentioned:

Look Inward
Look Outward
Look Upward


Tammy said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,

I have found your website early last year and listen to every video that you post, while I do my homemaking, of course! You are an inspiration and I have thouroghly enjoyed and have learned so much through your teachings. Please keep sharing your thoughts with your audience. Thank you again for your encouragement through our 'captivity'. Much love sent your way. ~ Tammy

Lydia said...

Tammy your comments are my best fuel for making these listen-as-you- go videos

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, thank you for all of the wonderful videos lately. Each one is a treat and a perspective unique to my younger generation. In your day people criticized the stay at home woman outright. In my day, people have an engrained thinking in how they value what women do. It is not an outright criticism it is a total lack of valuing homemakers unknowingly. I was talking with a woman in the church recently and it was a typical conversation of her praising her husband’s mother for being “such a hard worker and just working all the time so hard and working whatever job she had to work”. That is a fair sentiment about someone needing that income. However the same sentiment about being a hard worker is NEVER acknowledged about women at home. I have never heard someone praise a homemaker in that way saying she was such a hard worker. There is this engrained mentality in women now days even Christians which is that a working woman outside the home scraping and clawing to survive and earn is this standard of work ethic and lifestyle. It bewilders me that we have not imparted to our church family the value of being that hard worker at home. We have taken on this expectation that women must be earners to prove that they are hard working women. When I point out that mothers and homemakers are hard working they agree with me but they never speak of it like that. I find your videos motivate me as I try to be a hard working at home.

Lydia said...

Tammy, I'm hoping to transfer my thoughts to other women and see if they experienced the same thing. For the most part, even though women at home go out a lot in public, they are isolated in their own living experience. I think there are many things I've observed that might resonate with someone.

Marie, you said so accurately what I was alluding to in the speech: that they won't tell you why they despise you, or why they ghost you, manipulate you, criticise you, look down on you. They won't say exactly that they think your choice is wrong. Instead, they will punish you in an emotional, mental, or even a financial way. I've seen this. You'll have friends who suddenly wont speak to you and not give a reason . Even the husbands, greatly influenced by their comrades at work, will look down on the women at home, feeling they are being deprived of an easier life, because she's not bringing in an income. They will also think their good children, happily being homeschooled, are very strange because they haven't experienced the world's heartaches or the problems other children have. They will pressure you according to the world. WHen a husband starts acting like this, its important to look at where he's getting the influene. Is it from the BIble or from people at work, from popular culture, from what he sees and hears? This is where the women can be well versed in what is right and be able to guide and guard their homes from false influences.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Today’s broadcast was a wonderful blessing for any keeper- at- home guarding and guiding her home. I appreciate your balance and discernment with so many issues being discussed here today. I, too, have felt the disdain others have for the woman happily engaged in her duties at home. That is why listening to homemaker’s radio is like a lifeline of inspiration and encouragement for me. These timeless talks and God’s unchangeable Word reinforces my convictions to stay faithful in my God- ordained role.
Thank you!!

Lydia said...

Holly thank you for your kind loyalty and regular comments!

April in El Paso said...


Today I was able to listen to all of your video. Your teachings are a gift to others. I have lived your lessons in my life as a homeschool mom and greatly love that you are trying to save others from the hardships of jealous and petty women who chose to go the feminist way in theirs lives. Satan is the author of lies and chaos and so many women in the church of all places were led astray. I would so love to give you a hug and say thank you for sharing your heart.

April in El Paso

Laura Lane said...

I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, that blazer is so pretty on you. The colour is so nice. :)

I wonder if you would mind sharing some more details about how you use turmeric in your cooking? I have some in my cupboard - I think my adult daughter wanted it for some kind of health related thing, like a smoothie I think? Anyway, I've never used it before and I am not sure how to do so. But I would like to, especially since I know it has health benefits. For instance, could I put it on fried potatoes? In macaroni and cheese? Etc.

Lydia said...

I only use it in cooking, as it brings the flavor better. It isn't a sprinkle-on-your-food seasoning. I use it in cooking. I add it to soups, chicken dishes, potatoes, all while they are cooking.

Mrs. G. said...

Dear Lydia~ you are so right about being cheerful on the gloomiest days. I noticed that if I start the morning un-cheerful or too quiet as my husband would say the whole family seems down. It was a very humbling moment as I never realized how important my mood was to others. Now I am very conscious of this. I remember the phrase you taught us during home school to “reflect heaven” such a beautiful phrase. Tonight I washed two skillets one sauce pan one baking tray and twi strainers. I also cleaned twi of the four burner grates on the stove. Thank you for all you do for us! With love Lauren