Thursday, January 28, 2021

Values in Home Living

Hello Everyone, Please enjoy your home today while you listen.

Top photo: Teapot by Grace’s Tea Ware, from Home Goods


Lydia said...

"Just love this broadcast, really great ideas as always Lydia!!! Thanks
for the reminder about tea and salads and so many lovely ideas. I can
hardly wait for the next broadcast. -Carolyn"

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, thank you for always reminding us to keep our minds on good! The Lord is so good to instruct us in this and it makes such a difference. I love your mailbox and all of the ideas you give to make children a part of the home. I always admired the toys at thrift shops and recently decided to collect some even though I do not have children I thought it would be great to have them should someone with children visit. I also love decorating and I am reminded to keep things child safe and keep more breakable items out of reach but still have pretty things all over just more safe like made out of tin or plastic where children could reach them. I don’t want a home that is off limits to children. I appreciate all of your input and inspiration. That tired tray is wonderful for a tea table!

Laura Lane said...

I've become much better at putting on make-up nearly every day and fixing my hair nicely. I've been home almost exclusively since the beginning of November. I don't count doctor appointments as getting out.