Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Please enjoy your time keeping up with things at home, while you listen to today's talk.

Page From Time Line of Political Events
in the Life of Christ


Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, I am so excited to see another video and a long one! I haven’t listened to it yet but when I wake up to do housework it’s going on. Thank you for posting again. I listened to several of your latest videos today as I organized my pantry which was a big project. I laughed at the clever title of the blog post. Jesus bless you

Lydia said...

See you tomorrow!

Marianne said...

Dear Lydia, This Long video was wonderful; I intend on listening to it again when I'm not doing housework so I can take notes. I often think this after your"lessons".
Today while listening I finished putting on makeup, made the beds ,dusted two bedrooms and cleaned bathroom sinks. You make the chores easy and the time flies.
Thank you, and keep talking to us!

Laura Jeanne said...

This was an especially good talk, with so much good advice. Like Marie, I laughed when I read the title!

I listened to this one while I ironed out some pattern pieces, and then got supper started.

I agree that worship is a good antidote to worry. Lately I've been 100% free from social media or news or anything. Instead, I listen to my favourite hymns all day and it creates a much better frame of mind!

I love the idea of making a newsletter for the children. I think my kids would really like that, so I will give it a try soon. I also decided tonight, to take a fancy dessert out of the freezer that I was saving for the next time we have guests (cheesecake truffles!), and put it out on the table for a surprise for after supper. Those little things can make life seem so much more interesting for children - thank you for reminding me to keep the home a happy place.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
So happy to listen to a brand new broadcast today. I was especially encouraged by all the Biblical teaching and the practical, spiritual applications to our present day. Yes, the Bible is always relevant no matter what era we live in. I was cleaning the kitchen and making out tax slips during your talk. Because of your brief absence, I was listening to continuous play the past few days. How very enjoyable to have a recent production from the lovely manse.😊

gracielynn's said...

Always wonderful.. love the longer videos too !

Lydia said...

Thank you Lindy. Southern and artist go well with this blog. I added your blog to the blog roll. I hope you can see it there.