Thursday, January 21, 2021

Comments From Captivity

Please enjoy your work today while you listen.

In the video, I transposed the words "older women" with "younger women."  It should be the opposite. 


Unknown said...

You look so pretty today in those colors! Thank you for the encouraging words. Much needed today after the inauguration.

Laura Jeanne said...

Hello Lydia, I listened to this talk while I did some work in the kitchen this evening. I enjoyed all the Bible readings and found them edifying and encouraging. I also laughed when you mentioned at the beginning that the blankets always fall off your one bed because the floor is sloping. I know all about that! Our farmhouse is 100 years old and at various points in the past people removed walls and made changes that the house didn't every single floor slopes or sags in some way. This presents many challenges. For instance, I had to put pieces of wood underneath the front of my dresser, because things used to roll right off the top of it, it was on such a slope. The joys of older homes! :)

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia,

I was really getting agitated and upset listening to a recent conservative news broadcast. My husband detected the problem in my voice and in my eyes. As soon as I listen to one of your broadcasts, the tension seems to dissipate and I begin to enjoy my duties at home once again. Thank you for delivering a good report to the captives today,


Lydia said...

Thank you for making your wonderful videos. I enjoy them! Today while I listened, I dusted three bedrooms including miniblinds, ceiling fans and the tops of doors. One last bedroom has become a storeroom; it needs more than dusting!

Your thoughts about communism and how it can start in the home was interesting. I will definitely redouble my efforts to think and speak about whatever is lovely and true because negativity is not pleasant and communism has not been good for people. I do not wish to promote it in any way. My neighbors came from a (formerly) communist European country, and they say everyone wants to come to the US! How foolish it is for the US to be entertaining socialism/communism when those who have endured it want the freedoms that we enjoy!

This week the word abundance has repeatedly popped up in my blog and Scripture reading. That amused me because I have been thinking more about decluttering, simplifying and minimizing. Too much stuff and color and choice is overwhelming. Perhaps gratitude for the abundance is more important than decluttering. I am still going to work on that storeroom. Thanks again! D

Lydia said...

Thank you for taking time to leave a comment, ladies. I really appreciate it and am hoping to get back here soon with another listen-as-you-go.