Monday, March 22, 2021

Time to Improve


Sweet Solitude
by Edmund Blair Leighton 

Hello Dear Ladies. Please enjoy culling, cleaning, organizing, arranging, cooking, and anything you need to do, while hearing  this broadcast.:

Included in this broadcast: A reading from the 1860 book "The Gentleman' Book of Ettiquette and Polite Behaviour"

Also, I mentioned Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. for some good info on natural health.

Dame  of Sark is at


Flossy said...

Hello again lovely Lydia - wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your vlogs - lucky we're not in captivity here in Brisbane right now.... we've had a taste of it and it was absolutely awful..... but thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, kind words and positivity to us out here trying to get through all this as best we can... bless you!! Flossy :)

Lydia said...

Thank you Flossy and God bless you and your home.

gracielynn's said...

Thank you for sharing your time with me..
I usually do dishes & or laundry while I listen in the morning.
sometimes I knit or sew while listening in the afternoon.

thank you for sharing the Fabulous 50's workouts . I really enjoy my time there also.
I often hit mute & listen to my local farm radio instead of listening to her :-)

Blessings always.

Sis said...

Please if you could, turn up your sound.

Lydia said...

The sounds seems normal on a phone, but for some reason is very faint on a laptop/pc. I'm having someone check this for me.