Monday, June 24, 2019

Homemaker Support: Create A Guest House for Yourself

source: pinterest

Hello Ladies, half the computer keys  are out of order so I will just have to talk today!  Please leave some remarks!!

Painting: “Sunbeams “


Lydia said...

I summarized the first video--slacked off with the I shall lose votes....

Feminine Belle said...

You lose points?

Wow, wish someone cared that much to visit my site several times a day.
( I'm on the blogroll...hint, hint ) ​;-)

ann said...

enjoy your videos. Thank you for taking the time to do these.

sometimes it is lonely working at home alone and these are a welcome distraction. Ann

Santie said...

I smiled at the dishes leaping into the dishwasher by itself- I would love some of those.

My kids were taught from a very young age to put dirty dishes in the sink, but some of their friends were not used to it. I would kindly ask how do they suppose their dishes would get in there? Could glasses walk? Could plates fly? They would laugh, and then dutifully carry their things to the sink.

I would love to see a picture of your fabric stash some time!I am a yarn hoarder myself :)

Stacy said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the videos! I'm enjoying them so much! I had to laugh when you said fabric and tea were your vices! I think they are mine, too! I love the idea that we each have a unique bed and breakfast at home! I've often tried to emulate a hotel room for the master bedroom, complete with a bistro set for tea in the mornings! How fun!

Lydia said...

Yes it’s puzzling that people see a few dishes collected in the sink and ask “Don’t you have a dishwasher?” Implying that if you have one, there won’t ever be a dirty dish waiting in the sink. Sometimes if a homemaker has been attending some else more urgent, it does not work that way and there are some people who can’t understand it. I wish if it bothers them they would deposit them in the dishwasher themselves and be quiet haha.

If you have no vice, your money is used for things that you’ll have plenty of 😊

Amelia said...

I'm enjoying this video series...I have an inlaw that makes remarks about "What do they do all day?" :/ She has always had help and always worked in the family business with a nanny to help her with her children. It is interesting that many of us stay at home ladies would never question other women but yet they feel the need to question us critically. I had a neighbor move in next door and when I mentioned to her in polite conversation we homeschooled she raised her eyebrows in an 'oh brother' way. I think many times it's really a deep seated jealousy of a sweet and simple life.

It's sad, oh how we long for that fellowship of other ladies who care for their homes. Can't we all be friends? I like what you said about makeup and hair dye as well.

Thank you for the blog series. As a fellow blogger, I too understand how important comments are and am so blessed by them. Many times they are Godsends.

<3 ~Amelia

Kathy said...

I enjoyed this video! I have always thought of my home as a sort of bed & breakfast. This has helped me so much in many ways. I have studied different bed & breakfast decors in order to get an idea of what I would like my home to look like. Somehow it makes it feel like playing house to me! :)

I have been asked by some people, "What do you do all day?". One day at a family gathering, my husband's cousin asked the question and I simply replied, "I take care of my husband, my children and my home." At that he looked somewhat sad, because I know his (then) wife was not at all tending to those things. Yes, she was earning her master's degree and went far in the public school system, but at what cost?

Melinda said...

Thank you for these videos. I once had a long list of homemaking books that I read every week for encouragement and be ideas . Unfortunately, most of these blogs are no longer being published. However, I always enjoy visiting here with you. I am carrying my device from room to room and even listening during lunch. Thank you for the company! 😃 God bless you and yours!

Nicole in MD said...

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your “company” whilst I clean my house. Thank you!

Feminine Belle said...

Re-listening to your wisdom while vacuuming and moping on my Monday!

You know, I am glad I go back to listen again as I miss things you mention. Two things stood out this time. Dishes in the sink and pots and pans.

1. When I cook/bake the FIRST thing I do is draw a sink full of hot water to set the dirty dishes in to soak and clean off my mess from the counter. I don't know about you, but when the dishes are washed and put up, there is that something of tidiness which makes one feel good looking at a clean kitchen.

2. Had more than a few pots break on me due to the fact they were well used. It just goes to show how much cooking at home can turn into saved money, healthy family and grow a love of family which can translate to a love of others. I have iron skillets now and love them.

Emmarinda said...

Hi Lydia. I, too, am enjoying the videos. Now that your computer is up and running, might you post these latest ones here as you had been doing? Then, we can comment on specific ones we have just watched. The topic of sharing one's feelings or circumstances with others is interesting. Your advice is in direct contrast with the spirit of the age, which advises us to be "real" with each other and not attempt to project a "perfect" image of ourselves and families. I think there is value in admitting in a general way that we are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God; however, that is different from gossiping about ourselves, or families, and our situation. Truly, one can either become wearisome to others after awhile when the reports are always gloomy, or else become the target of derision, or both. Your take on the subject is a good antidote to the mess generated by the belief that we should air our dirty laundry (figure of speech, there) often and liberally.