Saturday, June 29, 2019

Homemaker Support Video: Freedom at Home

Have a happy homemaker day!


A. Law said...

Dear Lydia,
I have been inspired and encouraged by your videos.
I have been a full time homemaker most of my married life and I love it!
Thank you for your continual help and is much appreciated.
Aline L.

Lydia said...

Aline, thanks for tuning in! Even long time homemakers need to be encouraged. It is like being a citizen of a country. You know it is where you belong and you are doing what is right, but it’s very good to have reinforcement. Homemakers are often unnoticed, unappreciated, unsung champions of the home. They work by themselves without group approval, and often even churches do not back them up, even though guiding and guarding the home and keeping house is scriptural. We get reinforcement by the results we make at home, by maintaining a nice house, and giving family personal identity.

Lisa said...

Hi, Lydia, and thank you for the recent videos! I’ve been enjoying them while tying a quilt (192 ties!!) for my newest grand baby, who will make her debut in two more weeks �� You asked for some ideas for other video subjects, so I have one for you, although it may be a bit off of the home-making topic. Could you address the heartache of adult children turning their backs on the faith and lifestyles that they were taught as children in the home? Sort of a kissing cousin to that is the topic of grandparents caring for their young grandchildren, who spend more of their waking hours with the grands than they do with their parents. Just a couple of thoughts, in case you get desperate for material!
Thanks again for your investment into the homemaking community...I love everything about our little visits!
Lisa in CO

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Lydia~ Thank you so much for the videos. I am listening to your wisdom and getting busy while I listen to your topic. I am able to get much done while I listen.
I wanted to add that I had watched an older one on blouses and skirts and liked it was done in your sewing room. I don't know if you planned it, but I am enjoying the topic of the week done in the corresponding room. It's a lovely touch.
May God's peace be with you,

Unknown said...

Oh this blog is such a blessing to me!!! Thank you!


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